Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Rivers Cuomo Myspace Demos

Rivers Cuomo Myspace Demos

If you're a fan of weezer you should probably know about these...via www.weezed.com via You Ain't No Picasso

Chris Turner, Radiohead and Copyright

Chris Turner, Radiohead and Copyright

Don't know if anyone has seen this, it's about a week old...but it's interesting...

Basically, you can't quote a song without paying the label. Yikes. What is going on with record labels? Are they so paranoid that they can't seem to realize they are only shooting themselves in the foot? Never mind the implications in regards to discussing lyrics in print or creativity in general.

As long as you cite the source, why should it be any different than any other quote?


...don't want to be seen, just want to be heard...

Felt are one of those bands, like Orange Juice, that still sound great to my simple-minded ears.
They formed in 1980 and were led by Lawrence, who definetely led the band. His long term plan was to release 10 albums and 10 singles in 10 years. And they did it. Calling it quits when they were done.
Lawrence went on to form some other bands, Denim being one of them, but I lost track of him there. I'm not sure why because I really like Felt.
You'll hear the influences of television and Lou Reed and others throughout, but Lawrence's voice and the guitar work of Maurice Deebank and later John Mohan made it extra special.
You can still purchase a lot of their stuff through Amazon.

The first track is from the Robin Guthrie (4AD) produced "Ignite the Seven Cannons" and features Elizabeth Frazer (Cocteau Twins) on vocals:
Felt - Primitive Painters REMOVED

This instrumental track is from "The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories (strangely not listed on this version of the album):"
Felt - Crucifix Heaven REMOVED

And these two are from their last album, "Me and a Monkey on the Moon," which was highly overlooked and one of their best albums, in my oh so humble opinion:
Felt - I Can't Make Love To You Anymore REMOVED
Felt - A New Day Dawning REMOVED

Monday, November 29, 2004


I don't know what to make of this...

Boing Boing: McRorie the one-man bandstravaganza

or you can go right here:

I'm gonna ride the mechanical bull!

I don't feel like typin'...so here are some great songs by a great punk band. I don't care so much for their newer stuff, their original singer, Steve-O was just it, for me. And I don't mean to discount the current line-up, that's not my intention. So go out and buy their first two albums here.

If you want to find out about the Vandals, new and old, go to their web-site. Or you can go to AllMusic for their Bio.

Here you go, these are recorded in 1982 and '84 and remember, these guys did not take anything seriously:

the Vandals - Urban Struggle (1982) REMOVED
the Vandals - Anarchy Burger (hold the government) (1982) REMOVED
the Vandals - Ladykiller (1984) REMOVED
the Vandals - Mohawk Town (1984) REMOVED

Buy it at Amazon.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

My Hearts Unfurled!

About two weeks ago, Tuwa's Shanty did a post about Nancy Wilson...I'd like to follow it up a bit with a couple of more songs from an album (recorded in 1960) that she did with George Shearing. It's a wonderful album, and the title goes far in explaining it: The Swingin's Mutual! It captures a good portion of the mood of the album, especially when placed in the time period in which it was recorded. Nancy was pretty young at the time, 23, I think, and her vocals were strong and vibrant. The album is part instrumental, and the George Shearing quintet really shine as well.

Here are three of my favorite tracks, although, again the whole album is pretty darn good:

The George Shearing Quintet with Nancy Wilson - The Things We Did Last Summer REMOVED
The George Shearing Quintet with Nancy Wilson - Let's Live Again REMOVED
The George Shearing Quintet with Nancy Wilson - All Night Long REMOVED

The CD is available at Amazon and also at itunes.

The Swingin's Mutual!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Architecture in Helsinki

oh...this song is so good...a bit of belle and sebastian, tilly and the wall, of montreal, burt bacharach, and some little kids.

I like it. click then scrollll down.
Architecture in Helsinki - The Owls Go via Imprudent Marriage.com

You found some wrong in everything...

For most of you, any bit of exposure to the band Colourbox was probably through their side project, M.A.R.R.S....which they did with AR Kane (see this earlier post). I suppose some of you will probably say that your probably better off as a result, but they've always held a special place in my collection (or was that heart?).

Colourbox was formed in 1982 by the brothers Martyn and Steve Young. Their first singer, Debian Curry, was replaced a year later by Lorita Grahame, who stayed with the group the rest of their short existance. They had a total of two full lengths and more recently, a greatest hits album (what?)...(click here for a discography). They seemed to have disappeared after recording 1987's "Pump up the Volume" with AR Kane.

Here are three songs from their self-titled 1984 album (they were all self-titled, weren't they?). Now remember, these guys changed their tune quite a bit during an album and they were one of the early adopters of heavy sampling (outside of the realm of hip-hop/rap):

Colourbox - Say You REMOVED
Colourbox - Arena REMOVED
Colourbox - Edit the Dragon REMOVED

You can get their greatest hits and the album (it's an import) from which these songs came from over at Amazon.

Friday, November 26, 2004

No pigeon shortage on my sill.

Although Granfaloon Bus are no more, they were pretty wonderful. They started out in San Diego, California and ended up San Francisco, where they also ended the band. There are talks, or rumours of some sort of rebirth, but it seems unlikely.

Here's a quote that explains them a bit better than I ever could, from their label, Future Farmers:

A San Francisco journalist did her homework on Granfaloon Bus when she declared: "Few other bands can claim to have opened for Nirvana and toured Europe with Souled American, been compared to Guided by Voices and Sparklehorse, and put out six albums of wonderfully melancholic and captivating music and still keep a low profile."

Existing in that world of influence that feels a bit country, a bit folk, a bit rock and a bit something else...here are Granfaloon Bus:

Granfaloon Bus - Some Kind of Other Love - REMOVED
Granfaloon Bus - Moans Enclosed - REMOVED
Granfaloon Bus - Heatwave Marchingband Soldier - REMOVED

You can buy their stuff at Future Farmers, direct from Granfaloon Bus or even Amazon.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

a hidden pilgrim heart

As an American, Thanksgiving is always a wonderful time for me...it's filled with family and friends and just good times...but in the back of my heart is always the reality of what Thanksgiving is.

Open your mind for a bit and take a half an hour to read.

If nothing else, just check this out:

Thanksgiving: A Native American View

And if you have the time, here's some more info:

Teaching About Thanksgiving

And here are two songs by Billy Childish/Thee Headcoats. The lyrics aren't necessarily all historically correct, but the passion and love was there.

Thee Headcoats - Crazy Horse - REMOVED
Thee Headcoats with Kira - Pocahontas - REMOVED

Amazon has some Billy Childish stuff, and you can buy the album these came from direct from Subpop.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

that was supposed to sound very profound...

I can't say enough about this band...and I won't do them justice...

They're not everybody's cup of tea, but hey...what band is?

Orange Juice started back in the late 70's in Scotland and lasted until 1984, I believe. The lead singer, Edwyn Collins had a hit in the mid 90's with "A Girl Like You." I had the privilige of seeing Edwyn solo, around 1994, at the Viper room in Los Angeles, and he was a knockout on stage. He walked on with a black eye and told a story about fight over a girl he met in a bar the night before.

But back to the past... they had a great sound, which only got better with the addition of Zeke Manyika, who added a soulful backdrop as their drummer, changing their sound just a bit and making "Rip It Up" their best album, as a whole (that's just my opinion). Well, here they are, the Orange Juice.

Orange Juice - L.O.V.E. Love (from You Can't Hide Your Love Forever) - REMOVED
Orange Juice - I Can't Help Myself (from Rip It Up) - REMOVED
Orange Juice - What Presence! (from The Orange Juice) - REMOVED
Orange Juice - A Sad Lament (from Texas Fever) - REMOVED

You can find their stuff over at Amazon, but it's mostly imports and the like.

shhhh....not a word....

Okay, the kids over at Crown Dozen just hit the switch on these guys, and I think I like.

Check out The Cinema Eye for a rockin' good time. I hear a bit of Milemarker in there...as well as some others.

The Cinema Eye - What You Die For
The Cinema Eye - Not A Word

I'll have another post later on...work is workin' me.

Monday, November 22, 2004

...extended a claw to my friend...

I can't spout an endless amount of information about the guys in Tarwater, but I can tell you that one of them is also in To Rococo Rot. Their names are Bernd and Ronald, and Ronald's the chap in To Rococo Rot. They've got this sparse, electronic and moody feel: You're alone on a dock and the waves are crashing and you can't see very far because there's a bit too much fog....but you can hear this music...or is it music...? You're not quite sure.

But they can also be quite poppy.

Oh, I can also tell you that I do like them....

You can find them over on Kitty-Yo records. And you can buy them from Amazon.

Tarwater - The Watersample - REMOVED
Tarwater - All Of the Ants Left Paris - REMOVED
Tarwater - Visit (To Rococo Rot mix) - REMOVED

I've got to say that it HURTS!

Nitzer Ebb formed back in 1982, and their sound, although a bit dated in some ways, influenced a lot. Just listen to "Blood Money" and tell me that Trent Reznor wasn't influenced by them. I dare you. And it makes sense, as Flood, who produced NIN and U2, among others, was part of the band in their later years, 1989-94.

Anyway, it'll do you some good and wake you up this bright and cheery Monday.

And it all can be had for pennies on the dollar over at Amazon.

Nitzer Ebb- Blood Money - REMOVED
Nitzer Ebb - Fun To Be Had - REMOVED
Nitzer Ebb - Getting Closer (The Pool Mix) - REMOVED

Sunday, November 21, 2004

a tangled web...

This is going to be a long one...

Back in 1989, a band called further formed in Los Angeles. I wrote a blurb about them here. They were one of those bands, for me, that perfectly captured a time. I saw them live quite a few times. Further was led by the brothers Brent and Darren Rademaker, but around 1997 a couple of other names started showing up here and there on their records, those names were Chris Gunst and Jimmy Tamborello.

Around 1994, a band of KXLU DJ's formed Strictly Ballroom, the core of the group, for this discussion, was Chris Gunst, guitar/vocals, and Jimmy Tamborello, bass. They released one album, Hide Here Forever, a mix of punk and "Brian Eno-like soundscapes "(AMG). They were often referred to as "Enocore." Supposedly, they reformed briefly in 2001, as Arca, but I don't know what became of that.

So, here's where it gets confusing, and the whole reason for these ramblings. When further broke up, Brent and Darren formed the Tyde. Brent, (feeling like he needed more to do?), met up with Chris Gunst and formed Beachwood Sparks. On Beachwood Sparks 2nd album, J. Mascis (of Dinosaur Jr.) showed up and played some guitar. On their 3rd album (ep) another name showed up, that of Jimmy Tamborello. Remember him?

Jimmy Tamborello is the whole reason for this post, really. You can blame it all on Heath over at Just for a Day. You see, Jimmy has been really busy lately. It started with Dntel (see Heath's post) I believe back in 1994, although Jimmy seemed to have kept that kinda quite at first... and then he is also in a band called Figurine, a sort of 80's Depeche Mode Electro-pop extravaganza. And, well, you probably know him from the Postal Service.

That was a quick take on the whole thing...and I know I left out a lot of names and probably got some facts messed up, but it gives you a brief bit of history, anyway.... and without further ado, here are a couple of songs from those early formative years...

Further - Rich Kids - REMOVED
Further - Fakers & the Takers - REMOVED

Strictly Ballroom - Something That Just Is - REMOVED
Strictly Ballroom - Trains In The Distance At Night - REMOVED

Friday, November 19, 2004

Dresden Dolls redux

So, I've removed the live "Coin Operated Boy" track below and replaced it. I don't think that track was actually live, although it claimed to be. So, if you downloaded it before, you should re-download it.

Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy (live) - REMOVED

we ain't goin out like that

I've got a problem with Hip-Hop and Rap...it's not a bad problem, it's just that I find that albums don't stay in my collection long. I seem to have this habit of buying an album, enjoying it a lot and then a year later find I don't listen to it all. There are exceptions to this rule, artists that I still find myself listening to year after year. Black Anger Movement is one of those. I wish they had more out there, their release list is way too short.

They're not a typical band, that's for sure. Most of their release are on K-Records (where you can buy their releases), not a label one turns to for hip-hop or rap, and maybe that's why nobody seems to know who they are. I've also heard them compared to a lot of other bands, and I won't argue that point, but something about them makes them stick for me.

If anyone knows what else these guys have been up to, I'd love to hear it.

Black Anger Movement - Ra - N Untut - REMOVED

Black Anger Movement - Nonfiction

Thursday, November 18, 2004

...it's perverted and spiritual...

The House of Love formed in the late 80's and had a small amount of success...You'll hear bits of Echo and the Church here. Their strength seems to lie in Guy Chadwick's voice, in my opinion. There's a pretty good biography of them over at All Music Guide.

You can still find some of their stuff through Amazon, with the best album being an import collection of their earlier stuff at Creation Records. There's also a best of over at itunes, but it's mostly their later stuff.
The House of Love

Apparently, there's a new album in the works, with a release set for spring of next year. Here are two tracks: "Christine" was a minor hit and "Hope" is one of my favorites, both off their Creation Records debut album.

House of Love - Christine - REMOVED

House of Love - Hope - REMOVED

A Busy Beaver (redux)

I've been to two shows in the last two days...

Blonde Redhead w/Helio Sequence on Tuesday:

Quite a show, I was surprised by Helio Sequence, much better live than I thought they would be, a very tight band, a lot of sound for a two piece. Blonde Redhead were excellent as well, they plowed through quite a few songs. They lost me a couple of times with some live extended jams, especially in the encore, but it was a great show overall.

Dresden Dolls w/the Ditty Bops and Count Zero on Wednesday:

The Ditty Bops were wonderful, really enjoyed them, a very sweet and intimate sound and their band was amazing. The highlight of the show was the woman who did the trick lassoing. Quite fun. Count Zero did nothing for me, unfortunately. The Dresden Dolls rocked. Amazing. Really liked them live. A lot of energy and a lot of appreciation for the audience. The highlight there was their cover of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs." Brian is an energetic drummer and a great performer as well. Amanda was, of course, a wonderful performer as well. Very cool.

Here's a live Dresden Dolls song for you:

Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Doll Live (redux) - REMOVED

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

...with a heart and an arrow through...

The amazing thing to me about Lloyd Cole is how long I've been listening to him...and I mean that in the sense that he's been producing albums the whole time. I remember the first time I heard a song by him, I think it was "Perfect Skin," which would have been around 1984. And he's been with me since, the collection of CD's and LP's in my library growing and growing and I've yet to tire him.

I saw him live back in 1992, I think it was, and I was not disappointed. He was a flawless performer, his voice and music sounding perfect and his personality shining.

He's worked with so many different people over the years, the list is huge....I'll just say that Matthew Sweet, Fred Maher, Jill Sobule, Paul Buckmaster, Stephen Street, and others are on it.

So here are three songs...they first is one of my favorite early songs, when he was with the Commotions, the others are a little more rare. You can buy his newer stuff directly from LloydCole.com or there's a wider selection over at Amazon. And he's on iTunes as well. Enjoy.

Lloyd Cole

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Jennifer She Said - REMOVED
Lloyd Cole - Witching Hour - REMOVED
Lloyd Cole - Children of the Revolution (Marc Bolan) - REMOVED

Monday, November 15, 2004

A Feat So Bold

Another post, what is wrong with me...is anybody reading this stuff anyway?

I don't know where to start with Bobby Birdman...imagine DNTEL mixing with Mel Torme...or (from Filter) "the indie-rock Perry Como."

He's a lounge singer with heart, carrying an electronic suitcase...music full of blips and bleeps and soundscapes... I have to say, that my favorite songs are ones that Y.A.C.H.T has touched, there's something about Jona's ability to make these electronic blips have feelings that adds another level to Bobby Birdman's music.

Also from Filter:
"Imagine the voice of David Bowie, only American and softer, backed by odd beats and click, and keyboards purchased at Alan Parsons' rummage sale."

•From "Heart Caves" (w/Y.A.C.H.T.):
Bobby Birdman - A Feat So Bold
Bobby Birdman - I Will Come Again

Y.A.C.H.T. remixes:
Bobby Birdman - And Then It Begins (remix)
Bobby Birdman - I Will Come Again

•From "Born Free Forever"
Bobby Birdman - So The Blood
Bobby Birdman - I Said "OK," The Wind Said "No!"

•From "Exhausted, The Cost Of"
Bobby Birdman - Love Be Long
Bobby Birdman - I Pulled It Over My Eyes

•From "Let Me In"
Bobby Birdman - Moving On/Up
Bobby Birdman - I Must Admit That I Love You

Click on the link above the song to purchase an album, for the most part, although some aren't available any more, or go to States Rights Records.

He's also touring right now, and there are some dates in there with Y.A.C.H.T, I'm planning on going...if they're coming to your town, you should too!

It was a very good year....

I was just listening to this and had to post it...it's so eerie and sad...

The Flaming Lips - It Was A Very Good Year - REMOVED

Somewhere between Patti Smith, PJ Harvey and Team Dresch exists a band called Chinchilla. I'm not even sure if they exist anymore, to be quite honest, as I can find nothing about them out there.

I saw them live back around 1996, I think they opened for the Gories, I'm not sure...but, suffice it to say that they rocked live, a lot of power and intensity and emotion on stage. On top of that, Chinchilla are 4 girls that can rock...why is that such a rare thing?

Anyway, their record tends to labor at times, with songs that go on for long time, the longest being around 8 minutes, but when they are concise, it works really well, at least for me. Here's an example of both, the first being a shorter song, the second being a long one. Now, don't get me wrong, "In Hiding" has some great moments, I just find myself thinking it should end.

You can actually buy the record, 101 Italian Hits, new at RevHQ or used over at Amazon.

So, turn it up...

Chinchilla - Decoder - REMOVED
Chinchilla - In Hiding - REMOVED

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Playing With The World On The End Of A String...

I've got a guest poster today, my 6 year old son, Desmond. He chose to post something by his favorite, Shel Silverstein. This is what he has to say about him:

"You have to listen to Shel Silverstein, he's really good 'cause he's really funny. He sings songs about silly stuff. When he's singing about the haunted house I think about all of the things that would be in it. There are also lots of neat sounds."

Shel is truly an amazing man, his most famous song being sung by Johnny Cash, "A Boy Named Sue." He's also a best-selling author of several children's books, including "Where the Sidewalk Ends" and "The Giving Tree," among others. At the very least, check out his books.

Here's a good bio over at AllMusicGuide.

Be sure to buy his stuff, you can get it at Amazon or through itunes.

Shel Silverstein

So, here you go, two poems by Shel, chosen by my son.

Shel Silverstein - Enter This Deserted House REMOVED

Shel Silverstein - Peanut Butter Sandwich REMOVED

Friday, November 12, 2004

You just unfold...

AR Kane formed back in the mid-80's and were always one of those bands that I never understood why they didn't go further. They were one-half of M.A.R.R.S. (the other half being Colourbox, which I'll have to post something by later) which had a pretty big hit w/"Pump up the Volume."

Their music was trip-hop before there was trip-hop, and All Music Guide calls them "Arguably the most criminally under-recognized band of their era..." They were briefly on 4AD records and then moved to Rough Trade for the first full length, 69, which both of these songs are from. All of their stuff is out print, it seems, but I'm sure you can find it used on ebay or elsewhere. I vividly remember seeing their album listed as one of the jazz writer's top ten picks for the year in Tower Records "Pulse" magazine, back when the album was released and was very surprised by that. I felt so justified in liking the album so much with that fact to back me up (can you see my smug grin?).

The first song here, "Crazy Blue", is a bit more up-beat and pop orientated, while the second, "Baby Milk Snatcher," is more moody and sound driven. Enjoy!

A R Kane - Crazy Blue REMOVED

A R Kane - Baby Milk Snatcher REMOVED

Thursday, November 11, 2004

It's getting late...should we go to bed?

Here's a late night post. I think Craig over at Songs: Illinois will like this one.

The Scud Mountain Boys formed in 1991 and released three albums before stopping. Joe Pernice went on to form a couple of other bands, including Chappaquiddick Skyline and more currently the Pernice Brothers (also look here).

The Scud Mountain Boys have a very sweet sound, very intimate. There first album was recorded in their kitchen and it feels like they've invited you in to a private show.

Here's two of my favorites, among many. You can find their records here, at SubPop or over on itunes as well

This first track took me by surprise the first time I heard it, it's so different from the original that I didn't know what it was at first. The second track, well, I'll let you listen and figure out what it's about!

Scud Mountain Boys - Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves REMOVED

Scud Mountain Boys - Van Drunk REMOVED
Scud Mountain Boys

That's one Angry Moose!

Anagram are a San Francisco based band, consisting of Jess and Eric, a husband and wife team. There are shades of a lot of different bands here, and I think you'll like them. They've got a bit of Yo La Tengo and a few others thrown in. Eric generally starts by laying down the music and Jess follows w/lyrics and vocals and then they flesh out the tunes a bit more. They've got there own small label going on, Angry Moose Records, and Jess is also in another SF based band, Vervein, which is also quite good.

here's a bit more on the band's players from their website:

...Anagram has continued their syncopated cosmic exploration with US musicians including bassist Bill Gould (Faith No More, Brujeria), guitarist Mike Morasky (Steel Pole Bathtub, Milk Cult), guitarist Eric Schopmeyer (Slackjaw), cellist Esther Reyes (Ee, Vervein) and guitarist Joe Goldring (Swans, Wade, Hope Sandoval).

Check out their web sites as their are more songs there.

Anagram - Behavior

Anagram - Dazzle

And here's some links to Vervein(more songs here):

Vervein - One Whole Year

Vervein - My Disposition

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

tricks on your eyes...

Two posts in one day, hoboy...

I wanted to get this up, just because I think this band is pretty swell...Here are two tracks from Call and Response, a San Francisco/Oakland band. They've got a really nice sound, very clean and mellow, a bit like Stereolab, only less electronic sounding. Be sure and check them out. There's also a short interview with them over at Usounds which is worth checking out. If you like it, be sure and buy it from them! I hear they're wonderful live, although I haven't had the opportunity to check them out yet.

Call and Response - Trapped Under Ice

Call and Response - Eclipse

a pleasant gesture

The year is 1985...maybe you remember the song...

Vitamin Z
only had one hit here in the states (and anywhere else), it doesn't hold up solidly for me, but I still enjoy it. The song was "Burning Flame," and it appeared on their second album as well, I guess to strengthen it's sales as "Sharp Stone Rain" wasn't released until 1989. The lead singer, Geoff Barradale went on to form Seafruit, but the more interesting side note is that David Rhodes, the guitarist, ended up playing with Peter Gabriel quite a bit and even shared in some songwriting along the way. Makes sense when you know that Peter Gabriel made an appearance on their first album. You can probably pick up their stuff used on ebay.

Vitamin Z - Burning Flame REMOVED

This next song is much stronger in my opinion, I especially love the percussion in the background (handclaps?) building as the song progresses.

Vitamin Z - How Far To Queensland REMOVED

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Delicious Library

If you're a Mac user, this application sounds like it'll be great for keeping track of your music library...check it out.

Delicious Library

...as my head comes apart...

Here's a couple of rare tracks by Matthew Sweet. I haven't followed his career lately, but after poking around a bit, it seems like I should be. Has anyone heard any of his newer stuff?

These two tracks come from a promo only album, "Goodfriend: Another Take on Girlfriend," which came out shortly after "Girlfriend." It's mostly live and acoustic versions of his songs, with a couple of covers thrown in. There's something about this album that always seemed so sad to me, and when I found out it was mostly based on his failing marriage, it all fell into place and I started paying more attention to the lyrics and it really was sad.

"Girlfriend" was a surprise following his first two albums, "Inside" and "Earth." There is so much more GUITAR on this album, and originally I was turned off by it (a couple of tracks were all over the radio as well, which didn't help), but it grew on me.

I discovered Matthew Sweet through Lloyd Cole, for whom he often played guitar with in the early days. I'll try and post some Lloyd Cole stuff in the future, but suffice it to say that I'm a big fan of him.

This version of You Don't Love Me is a lot stronger, in my opinion. The rawness of the live performance add a lot more emotion to it.

You can buy his stuff through his website or just about anyplace else, here's an Amazon link.

Matthew Sweet - You Don't Love Me - REMOVED
And here's a cover of a Neil Young song.
Matthew Sweet - Cortez The Killer - REMOVED

frontline - the persuaders

frontline: the persuaders

This should be required viewing for every american (maybe everyone). Also, if you can, watch their episode called "The Merchants of Cool." It aired awhile ago.

It's amazing how insiduous marketing is becomming.

Monday, November 08, 2004

nothing will keep us apart...

I'm always at a loss at how to start these posts...do I go into biography mode or talk about the music as music...?

Winston Tong was a member of Tuxedomoon off and on during the late 70's and 80's, he sung on some of my favorite tracks by them. I won't attempt to give you Tuxedomoon's history, I'll leave that up to them and one of their labels, Crammed Discs. They have actually gotten back together again for a reunion tour (who hasn't) and a new album, which I haven't been able to find locally yet. I'll post something by them in the future.

I will say that Tuxedomoon was was one of those bands that actually made High School tolerable for me. Do you know that feeling, when you're laying on your bed, in the dark listening to music...and it takes you somewhere else...emptying your mind and letting you just listen? It's almost as if you're part of the music...

I'm not going to say anymore...I'm starting to sound stoopid.

Here's two versions of the same song, one in French. They're from the album of the same name. I'm pretty positive you can't purchase this new anymore, but you can find more albums by him at his website or at Amazon.

Winston Tong - "Like The Others" - REMOVED
Winston Tong - "Comme Les Autres" - REMOVED

Painted Lids Over Glorious Eyes...

If you're at all interested, the next song from the peel sessions by the eggs is posted over at teenbeat records. Check it out.

The Eggs (John Peel Sessions)

Scroll down a bit, it's on the bottom right side, it's a much stronger track than the first one they posted, if a bit rought (it's live...).

King of Ska

I was just over at Tuwa's Shanty (highly recommended!) where (s)he has posted a couple of songs by Desmond Dekker and I thought I'd join in. Desmond Dekker is, in my opinion, the King of Ska. There's not a lot I could say that hasn't already been said. Here's a great site for some info on him:

Desmond Dekker: The King of Ska

And here are a couple of tracks:

Desmond Dekker - Dracula - REMOVED
Desmond Dekker - Rude Boy Train - REMOVED

Saturday, November 06, 2004


elves read kermit cavalcade emissivity moment simultaneous extolling weller inceptor receptacle auger passion worktable seriate circumlocution poach analogy

I love spam.

Click this. It's really funny. Him name is Hopkin Green Frog

Friday, November 05, 2004

Can I get leg warmers with that?

So I'm not going to say that every song I post is great or even good. But I will say that at one time or another the music meant something to me or related to something that meant something to me...

That being said, I'd like to post some vinyl from the heart of the 80's today. Here's the 12" and album version of "AEIOU Sometimes Y," by EBN-OZN. As far as I know, it's only available on vinyl. This was a pretty big hit here in Central California back then, at least in terms of club play. The single was released first, followed up by the album, "Feeling Cavalier," which did pretty poorly. I never heard the whole album, having bought the second single, "Bag Lady," and feeling nothing but disapointment upon listening to it. This song, however, I still play from time to time. Here's a short bio on the band.

EBN-OZN - "AEIOU Sometimes Y (12" version) REMOVED

EBN-OZN - "AEIOU Sometimes Y (album version) REMOVED

Thursday, November 04, 2004

ohhhh...the egg has broken...

So I'm back from vacation...it doesn't look like anyone's missed me...so sad. Two things happened that seemed rather important, one I won't talk about at all and the other I'll use to lead into my post...the death of John Peel. It's crazy to think about how much of an influence this guy has had...so many music collections contain multiple "John Peel Sessions" in them, it's insane. He will be missed. That being said, I want to point you over to Teenbeat records...they've got a little tribute up and it includes some tracks (or will include, over the next month) by the Eggs, a great band I had the fortune of seeing live when they toured with the Teenbeat Circus years ago. They've got a write-up about John Peel by Andrew Beaujon, one of the founding members of the Eggs (and Scaley Andrew) and currently a writer (for Spin magazine, among others). He's a very witty guy and their music shows it, although I wouldn't say that the first track up there isn't a good sample of their music...PLEASE check back when they post the second song, "A Pit With Spikes," as it is a great song (although I haven't heard this live version), I'll try to remind you when it posts.

The Eggs - Peel Sessions

And here's a bonus tune (actually it's a much better song than the instrumental one above), taken from the Teenbeat website as well.

The Eggs - This Party Never Ends

And while you're at it, I'd like to send you over to the Teenbeat website. Click on the listen section and check out some of the tracks there. Pay special attention to +/- (plusminus). They're quite good. But Versus, Unrest, Air Miami and Grenadine are also great standouts as well. Don't skip over the small arrow at the bottom of the listen section, it takes you to another entire page of songs.

Teenbeat Records

Here's a direct link to the +/- song.

+/- (plusminus) - Ventriloquist
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