Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I've been amazed at the amount of music being sent my way lately by PR people and record labels. It's simply overwhelming.

The hardest part for me is that I don't have time to dedicate to my original concept behind creating this blog...to share the more obscure releases in my collection. This influx of music from other sources is sometimes so good it's hard to pass up. And then I start to become what all the other blogs out there are...PR machines for the next release of so-and-so.

Is that so bad?

I don't know.

So if you're out there and have sent me something, don't be disheartened by my lack of posting it, I'm trying, really I am. At the same time, don't expect me to post it just 'cause you send it to me....I am a bit picky!

Check...check....is this thing on?

Just a quick one here...two tracks from two favorites and their upcoming releases:

The Blow - Pile of Gold

That track comes from their October release, Paper Television, on K records.

So glad to be hear some more music from Jona!

And then a new track from +/-...this track's from their forthcoming album Let's Build A Fire, being released on Absolutely Kosher also on October 24th:

+/- - Steal the Blueprints


The Isles - Major Arcana

Don't know much about these guys...this is from their album Perfumed Lands, coming out Oct. 3. Damn they sound like they're trying to be the Smiths. Hunh.

Burning a hole in my pocket

The new Burn To Shine DVD is out, Vol. 3. Featuring performances by:

The Thermals
The Planet The
Wet Confetti
Tom Heinl
The Decemberists
The Shins
The Gossip
The Ready

If you're not familiar with the project, you should be. I own the other two and highly suggest you purchase them.

I'll shoot a review out when I get it in the mail.

Friday, August 11, 2006

my feet are getting wet...

The Tyde's new album, Three's Co., hits the streets on August 29th...love their 60's influenced sound...the swirling guitars and all. Been a fan of Darren's since his Los Angeles days in Further...saw them live many times.

You can check out the new video over at the promo site for the album.

They've also got some tracks up on their site from some of their older albums:

The Tyde - Go Ask Your Dad

And some live tracks:

The Tyde - Shortboard City (live on KCRW)

A bunch more over on the media section of their site.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Bel Auburn have been kind enough to release their forthcoming album for all to download...I haven't had a lot of time to listen yet, but I like what I hear so far:

Bel Auburn - Lullabies in A & C

You can find the whole album over on their site.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Fractal Geometry

Once again Highpoint Lowlife records hits the streets with another stellar release...this time from Mandelbrot Set:

Mandelbrot Set - And The Rockets Red Glare / Bombs Bust In Air

45 minutes of stellar post instrumental rock...shoegazing heavy sounds that fill the air. I'm always a bit skeptical of instrumental releases, especially those heavy on the sound, but this release has managed to grab my ears and hold on to them.

Go buy it already!

Want an education?

I Love My Shirt!

So much new music, hard to keep up with the old...got this in my inbox today, think of Donovan mixed with Belle and Sebastian and you're 90% there:

Tobias Fröberg- When The Night Turns Cold

Tobias Fröberg w/Ane Brun - Love and Misery

Tobias Fröberg- What a Day

You can find his stuff over at Cheap Lullaby and more info over at his site.

Friday, August 04, 2006


who knew this even existed? Kas Product - never come back

the hits keep stopping...

Desmond Dekker...Syd Barret...and now Arthur Lee...and all so young.

Arthur Lee dies at age 61.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

no tutus here, please

Swan Lake's debut LP is hitting the streets on November 21. In case you didn't know, Swan Lake is made up of Dan Bejar of DESTROYER and NEW PORNOGRAPHERS, Carey Mercer of FROG EYES and Spencer Krug of WOLF PARADE and SUNSET RUBDOWN.

When my wife heard the track without knowing who was in it, she said, "is that Wolf Parade?"

Swan Lake - All Fires

Here's the track listing for the forthcoming release Beast Moans:

1. Widow's Walk
2. Nubile Days
3. City Calls
4. A Venue Called Rubella
5. All Fires
6. The Partisan But He's Got To Know
7. The Freedom
8. Petersburg, Liberty Theater, 1914
9. The Pollenated Girls
10. Bluebird
11. Pleasure Vessels
12. Are You Swimming In Her Pools?
13. Shooting Rockets

The album's being released by Jagjaguwar, lots of mp3s for your perusal over there, like:

Manishevitz - Beretta

Julie Doiron - Dance All Night

with some ice cream, please...

Don't know how long this'll be up, so run over there and grab it...Cake has posted a live version of their song, Mexico:

Cake - Mexico_(live) REMOVED

It's from their forthcoming album, "Live From The Crystal Palace," which will be released later this year (Autumn 2006)


On Cake's site, they announced that the links to these bonus tracks will only be live for 24 hours, bummer, eh? I've revived the link, though, to my own site. Hope this isn't an issue for them...I'll pull it off if it is. If you're smart, though I recommend clicking over to Cake's site and signing up for the mailing list, that way you'll be on top of the next download.

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