Monday, November 08, 2004

nothing will keep us apart...

I'm always at a loss at how to start these I go into biography mode or talk about the music as music...?

Winston Tong was a member of Tuxedomoon off and on during the late 70's and 80's, he sung on some of my favorite tracks by them. I won't attempt to give you Tuxedomoon's history, I'll leave that up to them and one of their labels, Crammed Discs. They have actually gotten back together again for a reunion tour (who hasn't) and a new album, which I haven't been able to find locally yet. I'll post something by them in the future.

I will say that Tuxedomoon was was one of those bands that actually made High School tolerable for me. Do you know that feeling, when you're laying on your bed, in the dark listening to music...and it takes you somewhere else...emptying your mind and letting you just listen? It's almost as if you're part of the music...

I'm not going to say anymore...I'm starting to sound stoopid.

Here's two versions of the same song, one in French. They're from the album of the same name. I'm pretty positive you can't purchase this new anymore, but you can find more albums by him at his website or at Amazon.

Winston Tong - "Like The Others" - REMOVED
Winston Tong - "Comme Les Autres" - REMOVED


Blogger Carencro said...

no commes les autres, solo tu eres, solamente grape in vece de grope, e meglio de otres, y sta wilkommen, a me,
le lengue sto tounge,
le lengue stas a tu delle belle belly button, wrists, ankles teatshind, n disigno, della segna d'more pergetto,

gee to see cee, al gaol, de vero

4:29 PM  
Blogger Tuwa said...

Nah, you're not sounding stupid. I feel you on that, chilling out lying in the dark listening to music. Good tuneage.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Industrial::Music::Library said...

"Like the Others" has recently been rereleased on CD, by UK label LTM -- and with great bonus tracks, especially "Joeboy in Rotterdam".
It's my favorite of Tong's solo- records (so far) should be available in the US by now. Also, the French version of "Like the Others", along with more mp3s & a video clip are available on his website (just google "winston tong").
*The video is from a show in San Francisco last year: Winston Tong, performing with Tuxedomoon!

3:43 AM  

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