Sunday, November 21, 2004

a tangled web...

This is going to be a long one...

Back in 1989, a band called further formed in Los Angeles. I wrote a blurb about them here. They were one of those bands, for me, that perfectly captured a time. I saw them live quite a few times. Further was led by the brothers Brent and Darren Rademaker, but around 1997 a couple of other names started showing up here and there on their records, those names were Chris Gunst and Jimmy Tamborello.

Around 1994, a band of KXLU DJ's formed Strictly Ballroom, the core of the group, for this discussion, was Chris Gunst, guitar/vocals, and Jimmy Tamborello, bass. They released one album, Hide Here Forever, a mix of punk and "Brian Eno-like soundscapes "(AMG). They were often referred to as "Enocore." Supposedly, they reformed briefly in 2001, as Arca, but I don't know what became of that.

So, here's where it gets confusing, and the whole reason for these ramblings. When further broke up, Brent and Darren formed the Tyde. Brent, (feeling like he needed more to do?), met up with Chris Gunst and formed Beachwood Sparks. On Beachwood Sparks 2nd album, J. Mascis (of Dinosaur Jr.) showed up and played some guitar. On their 3rd album (ep) another name showed up, that of Jimmy Tamborello. Remember him?

Jimmy Tamborello is the whole reason for this post, really. You can blame it all on Heath over at Just for a Day. You see, Jimmy has been really busy lately. It started with Dntel (see Heath's post) I believe back in 1994, although Jimmy seemed to have kept that kinda quite at first... and then he is also in a band called Figurine, a sort of 80's Depeche Mode Electro-pop extravaganza. And, well, you probably know him from the Postal Service.

That was a quick take on the whole thing...and I know I left out a lot of names and probably got some facts messed up, but it gives you a brief bit of history, anyway.... and without further ado, here are a couple of songs from those early formative years...

Further - Rich Kids - REMOVED
Further - Fakers & the Takers - REMOVED

Strictly Ballroom - Something That Just Is - REMOVED
Strictly Ballroom - Trains In The Distance At Night - REMOVED


Blogger heath said...

what was it mom said about agreeing to disagree? I guess its also good to know one's history (mostly so it won't be repeated in this case).

strictly ballroom started out ok by me, in an early emo kind of way. but the lyric about pants being too tight just struck me the wrong way, sorry. further sounded alright at first, too, but it isnt really doing it for me right now either. too jangly? I dunno.

sorry sir, you tried! we can still be friends.

12:51 PM  
Blogger guanoboy said...

agree to disagree? we don't have to take it that far... :)
I like further more than Strictly Ballroom, but they both have a place for me, mainly because of their history...and it's interesting to see how they've all developed...I'm a fan of both beachwood sparks and the tyde, both may be a bit jangly for you, don't know, as they follow that 60's byrds-like jangle-pop-rock sound. I think Jimmy has really developed and has a great sense of sound as well...and understand completely where you're coming from...I'd put Dntel above any of these bands as well. He knows what he's doing...

well, there you go, the indie-rock geek in me speaks.

thanks again,


2:35 PM  
Blogger Jay Watts III said...

I think I have a Strictly Ballroom 7" at my parent's house - I can recall them being a big ol' screamo (ebullition-style) deal when I lived on the West Coast in the 90s...

5:46 PM  
Anonymous steve said...

man i gotta get my hands on both of those Strictly Ballroom records..i have almost all of Jimmy Tamborello's discography (as well as David & Meridith...)

if anyone can help me out (even if you're just pointing me in the right direction) i'd greatly appreciate it c:


7:24 PM  

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