Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Free Music?

Isn't that what this is all about? Sharing the love?

Haven't listened yet, but there's a new compilation release available for free over at tcelectropunk. This is volume 3 and the nice guys that they are...they've made volume 1 and 2 available as well. How can you pass that up?


Had a complaint that the file was causing some issues (see comments)...anyone else experiencing this? I didn't.

Received a response from the guys at TC elctropunk. Seems to be working fine on there end as well. Have fun with it!

I'm The ... What?

So I don't know who Benjy Ferree is...but when I saw Ian Svenonius' name I had to watch. Is it worth your time? Eh...a little too put together and not real enough for me. But it's nice to see Ian again.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Forward Motion

A few days ago I received a promotional pre-release copy of The Attorney's next release, Stereocracy, which will hit the streets late January of 2007. I've posted about the Attorney's before, and always felt there was something more to their music. That they had a lot of raw potential that wasn't fully realized. They made a few musical stumbles on their past releases but this new disk...well, they're really starting to shine. They always had this underlying power-pop sound, this strong pulling from the past. But they've added more to this release.

The Attorneys - On A Whim (Mastered Version)

Now when I emailed John (guitarist/songwriter), he sent me this track, which is (in theory) the final master version of the song, not the one on the pre-release promo. Listen to it. They've come a long way. I can't get that song out of my head.

ELO. Queen. Power pop. They're mixing musical genres and making something their own. I hope this album takes them somewhere. I'll be surprised if it doesn't.

The Attorneys are:

William Ryan George - Singer, bass, songwriter
John Wlaysewski - guitarist, songwriter
Ken Weisbach - drummer


The CD is fully mastered and available for purchase over at The Attorney's website. Click! Quick!

skimming off the top

No best of list for me...just some data.

Top ten songs by play count that were added to my iTunes library in 2006:

1. Grandaddy - Where I'm Anymore
from Just Like The Fambly Cat
2. Like A Stuntman - Making Competition Out Of Everything (Fisk Industries Remix)
from Like A Remix)
3. The Minders - Jenny
from It's A Bright Guilty World
4. You Say Party! We Say Die! - Apocalypse Meow
from In Session at CBC Studio 2, Vancouver, 05 Jan 2006
5. Cat Power - Could We
from The Greatest
6. The Minders - Red Admiral's (Gonna Pass Me)
from It's A Bright Guilty World
7. The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes
from Broken Boy Soldiers
8. Belle and Sebastian - White Collar Boy
from The Life Pursuit
9. Guillemots - Trains from Brazi
from From The Cliffs
10. +/- - Steal the Bluprints
from Let's Build A Fire

A couple of interesting points. First, the number one song was played 7 times. Number ten 4 times. What? That's it? You have to understand most of my analytical listening of music is done in the car. Also, my iTunes library has over 8 thousand tracks in it and it's usually on shuffle. The most played track of all time only has 45 play counts on it and that's since September of 2003. The oldest track in my iTunes library was added on October of 2002. In case you're curious it's This All Can Become Completely by Bats and Mice which you can download over at Lovitt Records.

Want more data about my listening habits? I'm Jumbocrab on lastfm.


Ouch...I just realized that I've been doing this for over two years.


First post ever?

Here it is:


So this is it...

since this is my first post, I thought I should post something to which I am indebted, that being a song from Cupid Car Club...as far as I know, this has never seen CD, and it isn't that old either. Perhaps you remember The Nation Of Ulysses...perhaps not...but, after their demise, for a short while, Cupid Car Club existed...a very short while, actually...one single and a couple of compilations...then came The Make Up and Weird War and well, I could go on, but I won't. So the constant in this is Ian Svenonious...i wish i had hair like his....here's a bit more cohesive bio about them...
Cupid Car Club
be sure to look here:
Past/Future photos

and here's a couple of songs...

Cupid Car Club - "Grape Juice Plus" REMOVED


Wait did that say a couple of songs...well...originally there had been two, but you only get one this time around. What's different? I have not been as consistent as I originally was. I don't post as many old tracks as I used to. Reasons? Time. It's all a question of time. Cheers.

Winter Camp is in Session

Just got an email from a new label, Thug Factory...their first release seems pretty strong. Check out the melodic post-punk sounds of Chant Chant Camp.

Chant Chant Camp - Abricka Bradaptah
Chant Chant Camp - Water in the Boat

Abricka Bradaptah is the stronger track of the two, in my opinion (what the heck does the title mean?). Well worth a listen to. The website's pretty simple, but if you head over there you can stream the entire release.

Monday, December 11, 2006

A bit of catsup

Ketchup? Catsup?

Anyway, playing a bit of that right now...First off, a track from the new Architecture in Helsink remixed album. Haven't purchased it YET, but every track has been good so far.

Architecture in Helsink - Wishbone (Franc Tetaz Remix)

Sweetness and light!

Kama Aina has a video they recently posted...sublimely simple...

You can download a 70mb version if you're so inclined. And here's a track off the new album.

Kama Aina - Hotaru

Pinebender just posted a new track off their latest...

Pinebender - Polly Gray

Sounds so strangely familiar, doesn't it? Can't place it. Is it a harder Small Factory?

Also, just got a promo copy of the Johnny Cash: Live in Ireland DVD. A nice release, it's always a pleasure to see the man in black live. It's an interesting thing though, a lot of the country stars seem to have been born and bred in the Grand Ole Opry and it shows...the performance has that sort of stagey feel to it. It's a pleasure, none-the-less, to see Johnny perform. And some of my favorites are on there...like Get Rhythm and Long Black Veil. And Kris Kristofferson shows up as well, which is a nice treat. It just has a bit of stiffness to the performance that I like to avoid. The sound quality is pretty amazing, however, and it's worth the price of admission just for that. It's hard to fault the Man in Black.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Holiday Nirvana

World of Wonder posted this clip of Nirvana I had never seen...I wasn't a GINORMOUS fan of them, but I've always enjoyed their performances and videos...

Nirvana - We Wish You A Merry Christmas (MV4)

It was recorded in 1993 for a RuPaul hosted Christmas special. Apparently it only aired in the UK.

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