Tuesday, November 23, 2004

that was supposed to sound very profound...

I can't say enough about this band...and I won't do them justice...

They're not everybody's cup of tea, but hey...what band is?

Orange Juice started back in the late 70's in Scotland and lasted until 1984, I believe. The lead singer, Edwyn Collins had a hit in the mid 90's with "A Girl Like You." I had the privilige of seeing Edwyn solo, around 1994, at the Viper room in Los Angeles, and he was a knockout on stage. He walked on with a black eye and told a story about fight over a girl he met in a bar the night before.

But back to the past... they had a great sound, which only got better with the addition of Zeke Manyika, who added a soulful backdrop as their drummer, changing their sound just a bit and making "Rip It Up" their best album, as a whole (that's just my opinion). Well, here they are, the Orange Juice.

Orange Juice - L.O.V.E. Love (from You Can't Hide Your Love Forever) - REMOVED
Orange Juice - I Can't Help Myself (from Rip It Up) - REMOVED
Orange Juice - What Presence! (from The Orange Juice) - REMOVED
Orange Juice - A Sad Lament (from Texas Fever) - REMOVED

You can find their stuff over at Amazon, but it's mostly imports and the like.


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Blogger erik said...

I stopped going to used record stores because of bands like this. I would go in and some poor sap would sell his entire collection of an artist because it reminded them of their X and they really needed money to buy some cigarettes.

The owner would start playing the stuff that he bought since he never heard of artist before this anyhow. I never of would never had heard of the group either so I would go ask the manager who it was. After 20 minutes I would ask how much. The manger guy always would triple the price he paid for it.

About a week later I would purchase the poor saps entire collection...

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