Thursday, November 18, 2004

A Busy Beaver (redux)

I've been to two shows in the last two days...

Blonde Redhead w/Helio Sequence on Tuesday:

Quite a show, I was surprised by Helio Sequence, much better live than I thought they would be, a very tight band, a lot of sound for a two piece. Blonde Redhead were excellent as well, they plowed through quite a few songs. They lost me a couple of times with some live extended jams, especially in the encore, but it was a great show overall.

Dresden Dolls w/the Ditty Bops and Count Zero on Wednesday:

The Ditty Bops were wonderful, really enjoyed them, a very sweet and intimate sound and their band was amazing. The highlight of the show was the woman who did the trick lassoing. Quite fun. Count Zero did nothing for me, unfortunately. The Dresden Dolls rocked. Amazing. Really liked them live. A lot of energy and a lot of appreciation for the audience. The highlight there was their cover of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs." Brian is an energetic drummer and a great performer as well. Amanda was, of course, a wonderful performer as well. Very cool.

Here's a live Dresden Dolls song for you:

Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Doll Live (redux) - REMOVED


Blogger erik said...

The female has nice tatooed eyebrows from the videos I see on MTV; how where her eyebrows live?

The that MP3 sound really really crisp.

8:42 PM  
Blogger guanoboy said...

She's beautiful in person, quite honestly...I don't think her eyebrows are tatoos, though, we saw her fairly up close before the show, she was wandering around the crowd, and I think they're drawn on.

The mp3 is from this great compilation that the Great American Music Hall was giving out free, it had a bunch of live tracks from shows their and at Slims, both venues in San Francisco. It includes tracks by Les Savy Five, Jonathan Richman, Ted Leo, Iron & Wine, Pedro the Lion and others. And the sound is great, as you can tell. I'm not totally convinced these are live tracks though...I've got to put them up against the originals and compare them. It's kinda weird.

8:53 PM  
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