Monday, August 13, 2007

Hot Damn!

Am I falling behind...understatement. Falling so far behind I may never catch up. Inbox is overflowing.

Doing lots of work on the house...and in the process I'm re-doing a bunch of music stuff...digitizing my entire CD collection (around 1500 CDs) and making a music server. No more discs in the living room dominating the walls. The only problem? How to get music to my kids rooms, who are used to having access to all of the discs in the living room.

The solution? Not sure. Has anyone tried an FM transmitter? Thinking of this lil' guy from C Crane.

Anyone out there in lalaland use one of there FM transmitters? Love to get some input. Although, with my blog being so quiet as of late, there may not be anyone there.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use a usb fm transmitter from landmark audio isnt cheap but it works great and transmits like 300 yards or some ridiculous not even sure its 100% legal because of its large braodcast area..I think im technically a pirate radio station when its on...but the sound quality is good...about the same as an fm radio station

9:32 AM  

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