Monday, November 22, 2004

I've got to say that it HURTS!

Nitzer Ebb formed back in 1982, and their sound, although a bit dated in some ways, influenced a lot. Just listen to "Blood Money" and tell me that Trent Reznor wasn't influenced by them. I dare you. And it makes sense, as Flood, who produced NIN and U2, among others, was part of the band in their later years, 1989-94.

Anyway, it'll do you some good and wake you up this bright and cheery Monday.

And it all can be had for pennies on the dollar over at Amazon.

Nitzer Ebb- Blood Money - REMOVED
Nitzer Ebb - Fun To Be Had - REMOVED
Nitzer Ebb - Getting Closer (The Pool Mix) - REMOVED


Blogger heath said...

you forgot the best nitzer ebb song!!! I need more Ebb vinyl.

lies, lies, lies, lies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gold, gold, gold, gold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
guns, guns, guns, guns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fire, fire, fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gold, gold, gold, gold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
judge, judge, judge, judge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
guns, guns, guns, guns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fire, fire, fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
muscle and hate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
muscle and hate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
join in the chant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:28 PM  
Blogger guanoboy said...


Yeah, that is a good one...

oh the wasted nights of dancing to that one...

that's a pretty picture...


6:22 PM  
Blogger erik said...

My favorite NE song was the thing with DieKrups with Rob Bass if memory serves me. The video has people spinning aournd in one of those circus twirlie circle things.

I thought Die Warzau was a better NE than NE. They were on wax trax which in my opinion was nothing more of copy someone else label. I am from chicago as well.

Funny thing is the label seems to have turned into hardcore rap. Type in and see what i mean.

7:08 PM  
Blogger guanoboy said...


What's your blog address? Your profile's locked, so I can't get to it...

10:59 AM  

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