Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Nike apologizes

Well, it looks like Nike has apologized for their recent reckless poster...

See the apology here:
Nike's Apology

Maybe I'm being overly cynical, but I don't buy it.

"Designed, executed and promoted by skateboarders... All of the Nike emplyees responsible for the creation of the tour flyer are fans of Minor Threat and Dischord records and have nothing but respect for both."

If they were fans, don't you think they'd give Dischord the respect they deserve by not even thinking of using the image? Anyone who's a fan knows Dischord's politics.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Dischord - Nike

If you haven't heard the news already, here it is:

Dischord | News: "Many people have now noticed that Nike has appropriated the Minor Threat artwork and logo for a new skateboard demo / ad campaign. To set the record straight -- Nike never contacted Dischord to obtain permission to use this imagery, nor was any permission granted. Simply put, Nike stole it and we're not happy about it. We are not yet sure what options, if any, we have to stop Nike from using our images to sell their shoes, but if you would like to direct your complaints to Nike that would be a good place to start.

You can email Nike at:

Or give them a call:
Nike World Headquarters: 1-800-344-6453 Mon- Fri 6:30 am - 4:50 pm (Pacific Time)

To longtime fans and supporters of Minor Threat and Dischord this must seem like just another familiar example of mainstream corporations attempting to to assimilate underground culture to turn a buck. However it is more disheartening to us to think that Nike may be successful in using this imagery to fool kids, just beginning to becoming familiar with skate culture, underground music and DIY ideals, into thinking that the general ethos of this label, and Minor Threat in particular, can somehow be linked to Nike's mission. In any regard, we would like to thank the many people who have written to us in the last several days to express their outrage, support and encouragement."

See a side by side comparison over at "everyone's favorite music site," Pitchfork.

Nike = arrogance?

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

Back in 1979, the mod music scene had a bit of a revival. Apparently, this is the album and show that started it all.

"This album kick started the re-appearance of the mod movement in the 70's, which still survives today. This was the first revival of the mods after the original 50's & 60's movement. It all started when Secret Affair turned up at the Bridge House in smart suits and asked for a gig. They were given a Monday night and within four weeks the place was packed. this was the start of Mods Mondays.The album was recorded in one day, Monday May 7th 1979,from 11 in the morning until 11 at night." quoted from Solaris Records.

What a show that would've been. And as an interesting side note, the album was originally produced by Ian Broudie.

Secret Affair - Let Your Heart Dance REMOVED
Squire - Walking Down The Kings Road REMOVED

And it's been re-released on CD over at Solaris Records. A different version is available over at Captain Oi!, as well.

And everybody and their brother has played over at Bridge House. Check out the list.

Edwyn's Progress

As Edwyn's been getting better, I've been slacking...here's the latest, from his wife, Grace:

Edwyn's progress: "Edwyn is maintaining a steady course although he is now, as a result of his returning strength, mightily browned off with being in hospital. We should have a better idea quite soon as to when he comes home, but probably a couple of months. This seems like an eternity to him. We have had some home visits over the last few weeks and that has been wonderful, but going back to hospital is hard to take. I asked him if he had a message for all of you and he said 'Yes, disaster area,' but followed it with his nutty laugh, which some of you may be familiar with. Keep the faith, love Grace"

I'll probably keep the coverage to a minimum at this point. It's great to hear he's on the road to recovery.

it's been so quite around here

i rock i roll covered them back in February, but linked to different songs, so here goes. Check out Aeon Spoke...I don't think you'll be disapointed...a bit of Radiohead, a bit of Blur, a lot of good stuff.

Aeon Spoke - Emmanuel
Aeon Spoke - sand & foam

And there's another track over at their site, don't miss it. Aeon Spoke.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


The ever prolific Jad Fair has an entire album up on his site. I've yet to make up my mind on him. I own quite a few albums by him, but don't listen to them regularly. It's such a commitment. I loved the film, "The Band Who Would Be King." I had the privilige of seeing the opening in Los Angeles and he played with Ira of Yo la Tengo. It was quite an experience.

Make up your own mind over here:

A free album by Jad Fair

And if you've got $300 to burn, he'll even write you a song.

Speaking of Nation of Ulysses

Pancake Mountain just keeps throwing out the surprises. Weird War's on their site now. So strange.

Pancake Mountain

Monday, June 20, 2005

Big Things

So I had big things planned for this post...you know, pages and pages about how I love Roxy Music, how they're one of the originators of a sound, how Bryan Ferry is a god of music...blah blah blah. But, it's just not gonna happen. I'm sorry. I don't even have a good image of the record with me. But let me tell you this, these two tracks are from a 1973 bootleg, Champagne and Novacaine. Apparently, someone's made it available on CD and you can go out and buy it on EBAY. Kinda weird. Anyway, the sound quality is decent, some of the tracks on the record play slow (not these two). So enjoy, from the original vinyl, I give you bootleg Roxy:

Roxy Music - Editions of You REMOVED
Roxy Music - Virginia Plain REMOVED

Roxy Music

Friday, June 17, 2005

A taste of honey

This is a repost from a few months ago. After hearing this great post over at Aurgasm, I thought I'd revive it. Enjoy.

I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't aware of Lenny Welch. This was the soundtrack to my parents courtship. It was "their" album. It was, to my young mind, the thing that made the magic happen, it was the reason my parents loved each other so much. Maybe if I listened to it something magical would happen to me.

I'm older and a little wiser now and, fortunately, my parents are still in love. Of course, this wasn't the reason for their love, but with songs like this, how could it not have at least influenced it?

Lenny Welch isn't the best of the crooners, and a series of events, including being drafted and his record label folding, ensured that Lenny Welch would have a difficult time making it big. He did have a few decent size hits before being drafted, including "Since I Fell For You," which went to #4 in 1963 and "Ebb Tide," which went to #25 in 1964, even though it was a re-release of a recording he had made almost two years earlier.

Lenny may not be the best, but he's certainly really good. And these two songs demonstrate his range and the smoothness of his voice. And how can you go wrong with opening like the one in "A Taste of Honey?"

Lenny Welch - A Taste of Honey REMOVED
Lenny Welch - Father Sebastian REMOVED

The album this came from, "Anthology", is out print and only available used. But you can purchase "Since I fell for You" over at Amazon new.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Everybody's going to get their turn

I did a post awhile back on Bad Brains, (I still have this live video up as well), and this is a follow up of sorts. After Bad Brains split up in the 80's, HR went solo for a bit, releasing a fair amount of records between 1984 and 2002. As I mentioned earlier, apparently they're back together, although the news is a bit conflicting as to what this means. A new album was in the works with Adam Yauch, but is it Soul Brains or Bad Brains? I can't seem to find any newer information than before.

Both of these tracks are from the untitled 1987 12".

H.R. - Now You Say REMOVED
H.R. - No Return REMOVED

You can find a boatload of Bad Brains releases over at Amazon, among other places, as well as some releases by HR. There's also this live Soul Brains CD.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Is this thing on?

Posted another issue of Ulysses Speaks up at my other site. Visit if you get a chance. It's been posted on metafilter and in one day has had more hits than this site ever has (700+ and climbing). Insane.


Is it so wrong to like Ringside? I almost hate to verbalize it. Got the album in a promo packet and the first 6 tracks are decent. It surprised me. It has this AM/mid 70's feel to it...a voice landing somewhere between Rod Stewart and bono. Beautiful boys with money make album. I don't want to like it, but I do. Somebody please stop me. It makes me want one of these again. Anyone want to give me on?

Ringside- ColdOnMe REMOVED


So, back to the 80's. Remember "Funkytown," as done by Psuedo Echo? Well, before that big hit they had another album, Autumnal Park (self-titled in the US). The boys had the look, back then:

Look at those bangs!

And they had the electronic drum kit to beat all...I was in a band at the time and our drummer was salivating at the sounds these guys were making...he so wanted to have that sound. That crisp, clear electronic goodness. Oh well. We broke up just a few months later.

Pseudo Echo - Stranger In Me REMOVED
Pseudo Echo - Beat For You REMOVED

Turns out these guys are alive and kicking.


I'm speechless.

Put your hands together! I hate animated GIFs.

Apparently, their debut album from which these tracks are taken is going to be released on CD (on this label) , which up until now never has been. More info on this and their current tour over at their site.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I woke up in a sweat...

Image from SN&R

Existing somewhere between the Charlie Daniels Band and Wall of Voodoo. . . Really, I don't know how to classify these guys. I'll admit it. They've got a bit of just about everything in there.

Las Pesadillas - False Horse

See what I mean?

Las Pesadillas - Everybody Died But Me

And there's lots more over at their site, peruse the offerings.

Classical what?

The ever-wonderful Pixelsurgeon has pointed out that the "BBC is making Manchester Philarmonic performances of Beethoven's entire nine symphonies available for download as free MP3s."

BBC - Radio 3 - Beethoven Experience

Monday, June 13, 2005

Will You Listen!

I've started a little side blog...Ulysses Speaks! It exists for one purpose and one purpose only - to document the zine released by the Nation of Ulysses back in the early 90's. I've posted three issues so far, and more will follow.

The members of the band included: Ian Svenonius (vocals), Steve Kroner (occasional guitar), Tim Green (guitar), Steve Gamboa (bass) and James Canty (drums).

The band members have gone on to other things, including but not limited to the following list:

Cupid Car Club
The Make-Up (Again)
Weird War/Scene Creamers
French Toast

I'm not going to speak much about the zines themselves. They are what they are. Take them for what they are worth - and nothing more.

Personally, I believe it was all meant as a overbearing erudite joke - not to be taken literally, but rather as a means of opening up communication.


The Nation of Ulysses - Cool Senior High School (Fight Song) REMOVED

The Nation of Ulysses - Diptheria REMOVED

Of all of the punk bands from this era, NOU were where it was at. The sound, the image, the ideals (yeehah!)...all made a package that was sweet and crunchy and bit back enough to make your mouth bleed.

Most of their full length releases can be purchased through Dischord Records. Buy! Buy! Buy!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

speaking of bad 80's music...

So today my son, age 7, and I made a mix CD for him. He went through my collection of CDs (1500+) and chose some of his favorite songs with no prompting from me. It's always interesting to see what he's sonically attracted to. Here's his list:

1. They Might Be Giants - Fake Believe
2. Architecture in Helsinki - The Owls Go
3. Cranberries - I Still Do
4. Smoosh - Rad
5. +/- - Crestfallen
6. +/- - Yo Yo Yo (Please Don't Go)
7. The White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button
8. The Toasters - Go Girl
9. Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
10. Clash - Rock The Casbah
11. Bad Manners - Mamba / Ska No. 8
12. Big Audio Dynamite - Rock Non-Stop (All Night Long)
13. Big Audio Dynamite - Funny Names
14. Architecture in Helsinki - Neverevereverdid
15. Architecture in Helsinki - It'5
16. Architecture in Helsinki - Do The Whirlwind
17. Westworld - Rockulator
18. Blur - Tender
19. Geoffrey Oryema - The River
20. John Holt - It's A Jam In The Streets
21. Blur - Crazy Beat

So, in doing it, I realized that I'd never done a post on Westworld. This band drives my wife crazy. She abosolutely hates them. And my son almost revels in it, finding it funny that she dislikes it so much. He only put one song on the CD by them, although he wanted more, because he was worried she'd get too upset. I'm not a huge fan of the disc, their 12" releases were a bit better, and I don't even know why I still have it. They were a band that basically played off of Big Audio Dynamite's sound, with much less success. A cross between rockabilly and new wave (my wife is sitting next to me making snide remarks) with a bit of a beatbox thing thrown in. I think my original attraction stemmed from Elizabeth Westwood sounding like Annabella from Bow Wow Wow, although in retrospect I don't hear it as much as I did back then.

Westworld - Pyschotech REMOVED

Westworld - Silver Mac REMOVED

Or maybe it was just the fact that Elizabeth sported a pompadour.

Or maybe it was just that she was hot (Woops. I just admitted that sex sells music. Have I just hung myself?)

Westworld was originally formed by Bob Andrews, who got his start in Generation X of all places. After Westworld's demise, Bob and Elizabeth went on to form Moondogg, who are alive and kicking.

Pete and Repete were sitting on a fence.

After just telling Shawn at the Entroporium to not stop blogging I started going through my list of 50+ blogs on Bloglines and again started to feel depresssed about the state of mp3 blogs. There are a lot of good ones out there, but the focus lately seems to be on one thing, indie/alternative music. The result is a plethora of blogs repeating the same thing over and over and over again. It's as if each writer is not taking the time to look outside their window at the surrounding world. With each new blog popping up, the amount of repetition is only increasing. I don't know how many (insert band here) posts can be done or how many times the band can be mentioned, but it seems to be reaching a tipping point. I find that I'm starting to remove blogs from my bloglines list...

Maybe I should just post some more obscure bad 80's band and stop whining.

Monday, June 06, 2005

What have we wrought? "The highest and lowest intellect combined into one mass."

More delicious vinyl for you...from the 80's.

The Vels sound oh so 80's...it's hard to imagine a sound more 80's synth than this. That coupled with the white-girl rapping and you've got something. I don't know what, but it's something. They had a minor hit, I remember hearing it in New York recently on some flashback station. Very strange, as I don't think it's easily found, unless it's on some compilation.

So who were the Vels? Alice DeSoto on vocals, Chris Larkin on keyboards and Charles Hanson wielded the bass. Enjoy. And at least hang out until "Look My Way" gets to around the 2:50 mark.

The Vels - Look My Way REMOVED
The Vels - Tell Me Something REMOVED

The web was a very limited resource on this one, leading me to this page at earFM which in turn led me to this very strange and slooooow page (and by slow I mean SLOW) . What's so strange about this page? Well, for one, it's a virtual directory of sorts with a bunch of mpegs of the band playing live and a couple of open directories of music of bands I'm completely unfamiliar with (Mystic Subway (80's rock)? Shag Motor Pony (90's motor rock)? The Normals (70's punk)? Anybody?) So, if you're feeling adventurous and have a lot of time, check out the Vels homepage.

UPDATE: So apparently Alice Cohen sang for Shag Motor Pony...you've got to head over there and check out the tracks available...amazing. Here's a taste, which I've uploaded to my server for speed reasons.

Shag Motor Pony - Call of the Wild REMOVED

This makes the Vels that much better, doesn't it?

She later went on to sing in Die Monster Die (not this Die Monster Die).

From iceberg radio:
Formed in Athens, Georgia, USA, the original impetus for Die Monster Die (self-described as "the highest and lowest intellect combined into one mass") came from guitarist/bassist Evan Player's love of the Dead Kennedys' Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables. However, the first incarnation of Die Monster Die dispersed in the late 80s, with Player departing for a new life in New York. Drummer and New Orleans native Kenny Sanders also settled in the city around this time, following his calling to "become a rock star". The two met through industrial metal outfit Stalwart - when they both left the latter group in 1991, Die Monster Die was reborn. Sanders invited Alice Cohen, from Philadelphia, to sing with the group, having formerly appeared in Shag Motor Pony and the Vels. Cohen also shared bass duties with Player. With Shawn Tracy on second guitar, the group released its first single, "Planet'/'Backwater Trailer Park Blues". A series of chaotic live performances ensued, highlighted by garish costumes and outlandish stage behaviour

Edwyn Collins: Update

It seems as if things are uphill from here. Here's the latest from his wife, Grace and his son, Will. Grace is talking about the bulletin board on Edwyn's site:

thank you, Grace: "The board is getting back to normal and I'll be a bit quieter as Will and I get on with the business encouraging Edwyn in his battle for recovery. Without going into details which are personal to Edwyn, I have to tell you it will be a long time before he surfaces as the effects of this terrible thing are complex and hard to conquer. In spite of the many uncertainties and struggles the near and distant future holds for him, Edwyn faces it with courage and patience, which requires daily renewal. Please keep him in your thoughts in the tough days and months ahead. Love Grace."

She has been beautiful throughout this whole painful ordeal - she has kept the fans in the loop, being honest and revealing and making Edwyn even more of a real person than before. As always, best to the whole family in the future.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Slide on over this way, would yah?

So this is another jewel from the vinyl collection, although it seems it was released later on CD, though no longer in print. Hipsway released two albums, the first in 1986, from which this track comes. Their second, Scratch the Surface, was released in 1989. They were a band that I wanted to like more, but the reality of their album just didn't support the desire. Most of it lacked emotion, sounding as if they really didn't put any love into their work.

It wasn't so much that they were bad, it was more that they were flat, their music never really rose above tepid. There are moments there, though, when you hear something more, maybe there is something there...but it was never fully realized.

Hipsway - Broken Years REMOVED
Hipsway - Bad Thing Longing REMOVED

The bass player, John McElhone, was in Altered Images before Hipsway and later went on to join Texas.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Have you seen my dogbunny?

I was going to do a post on this obscure band from 1989, Hippodrome, when I discovered this, the entire album at Motor City Rock: Hippodrome - Dogbunny. Think REM, Grapes of Wrath or the Feelies and you're partially there. So check out a couple of tracks and head over there to download the whole album.

Hippodrome - Henry
Hippodrome - Foggy Notion (VU cover)

Also discovered that one of the members, Chris Richards, is still out there making music. Here's a link to his site where you can stream a bunch of his music.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Is that an exclusive?

Sometimes dreams do come true.

Last week I did a post on the Architecture in Helsinki concert I attended here in San Francisco. I mentioned their cover of "Love is the Drug" and how much I'd love to get a copy of it and well, one of my wonderful readers stepped forward and now I get to share it with you.

So here it is, it's not the highest quality, she took the video on her still camera, but it's pretty darn good, all things considered. So enjoy.

Architecture in Helsinki - Love is the Drug (live) - quicktime REMOVED
Architecture in Helsinki - Love is the Drug (live) - mp3 REMOVED

And as an added bonus, she also gave me "What's in Store" from that show as well. The vocals are a bit low in this one, but hey, I'm happy to have it any form.

Architecture in Helsinki - What's in Store? (live) REMOVED

Extra big hug goes out to Michelle for being extra cool. Thanks.

Pop is eating itself...

Via Agenda:

"One of the stars in the music video for the South Korean pop song 'Anymotion' is bare-bellied teen idol Lee Hyo Lee. The other is a $600 Anycall cellphone sold by Samsung Electronics Co. In the video for the song, Ms. Lee dances with the phone and declares she can 'watch anybody, sing any rhythm, show any people, call any number.'

Samsung paid all the costs of making the song and the video -- and even hired the music producer and choreographer. 'We hope the lyrics will remind people of Anycall when they hear the word 'any' several times,' says Jong Hyun Kim, a manager at Samsung's ad agency, Cheil Communications. Samsung's Web site features a computer-generated Ms. Lee teaching teens the hip-jostling Anymotion dance.

In the U.S., fans might look down on the blatant commercialism of Ms. Lee's act. In Korea, 'Anymotion' hit the top of the charts in March and April, and the dance has become a club favorite. Since it made its debut, the music video has been downloaded 1.6 million times from Samsung's Web site and fans have paid as much as $2 each to download 3.1 million copies of the song onto their phones. ('Anymotion' isn't sold on CD.)

While entertainment and advertising are getting cozier everywhere, in Asia they have virtually merged. For many global advertisers, it's a chance to do what they would only dream of trying at home. For Asia's artists, hooking up with advertisers offers a more reliable way to profit at a time when fans are increasingly buying illegally pirated CDs and movies. (WALL STREET JOURNAL via STAYFREE)"

More at the Wall Street Journal.

RZA vs Cartoons

Via Cartoon Brew: ToonTime with THE RZA

"Wed Jun 22, 8:30pm The Ford Theatre, $15.00: A founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan, THE RZA has been on a non-stop hot streak since the early Nineties. A multi-talented hip hop phenomenon, THE RZA has recorded and produced countless albums, he's scored films for Jarmusch and Tarantino, he's acted in movies, and recently he published his first book. But now, he faces his greatest challenge… CARTOONS. While some of the strangest, coolest cartoons you've ever seen screen behind him, THE RZA will layer together a soundtrack live, demonstrating his skill at using music to complement the action on screen and evoke moods with a few notes. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime performance when the animated and the Wu collide."
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What's that? grapejuiceplus.