Monday, November 22, 2004

...extended a claw to my friend...

I can't spout an endless amount of information about the guys in Tarwater, but I can tell you that one of them is also in To Rococo Rot. Their names are Bernd and Ronald, and Ronald's the chap in To Rococo Rot. They've got this sparse, electronic and moody feel: You're alone on a dock and the waves are crashing and you can't see very far because there's a bit too much fog....but you can hear this music...or is it music...? You're not quite sure.

But they can also be quite poppy.

Oh, I can also tell you that I do like them....

You can find them over on Kitty-Yo records. And you can buy them from Amazon.

Tarwater - The Watersample - REMOVED
Tarwater - All Of the Ants Left Paris - REMOVED
Tarwater - Visit (To Rococo Rot mix) - REMOVED


Blogger thebeathunters said...

very nice tracks. i knew a little tarwater but these make me long for more. i really like the cut-out character in your logo, great font too. i really need to dig in the html..., btw, the tracks come from which album?

3:34 AM  
Blogger guanoboy said...

"Watersample" is from Silur, "All of the Ant Left Paris" is from Animals, Suns & Atoms and "Visit" is from a remix album.

Thanks for the kind words on my site...

You're on system 9? How old is your machine?


11:04 AM  
Blogger heath said...

oh hell yea, I own all these cds and loves me some tarwater. yummay.

3:00 PM  
Blogger thebeathunters said...

my powerbook g4 Ti is 4years old, it runs Os10 but i haven't croossed the gap there because of the graphic software i use, i'll have to be reasonable pretty soon i guess and go with the flow...

6:56 AM  

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