Thursday, December 30, 2004

Turquoise Days: tsunami relief

Here's another way to donate, and you get something to say thanks.

Turquoise Days: Tsunami Relief

Thanks, Steve. Very cool of you.

Tsunami/Earthquake Relief Efforts

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this, but I feel it at least warrants this: if you have the ability, there are lots of ways to donate. Here's one of the easist, if you have an account.

My heart goes out to everyone involved.


Wednesday, December 29, 2004

He's got the marks of a genius!

So I'm going to get back into this sloooowly...don't expect a post everyday...I'm fighting off a cold and just generally tired...been having a wonderful time, though! Hope you all are as well. Blah blah blah....

I'm not going to try to tell you the history of this band, it's been done by many far better than I.

But here's the deal....if you're into electronic music of any kind and you don't know who Front 242 is, well, you owe it to yourself to go out and buy something by them now. "Headhunter" is one of my favorites by them, and it has managed to still sound good, unlike a lot of other music from that era, especially the electronic sounding stuff. I've heard it been said that these guys are more specifically classified as "European electronic body music," whatever the 'ell that means. Suffice it to say that my friends and I danced to this song many times in many different clubs.

Here's a crazy fan-site. Here's the obligatory AMG link. Here's an Amazon link to buy some stuff (my favorite is probably Official Version)

Both of these tracks come from a rare CDVideo single for Headhunter.

Front 242 - Headhunter (v1.0) REMOVED
Front 242 - Welcome to Paradise (v1.0) REMOVED

Incredible Beatles mashup mixes 40 different tracks

Boing Boing: Incredible Beatles mashup mixes 40 different tracks

this is actually pretty it out...via the ever insightful and on their toes Boing Boing!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

More kitschy Star Wars holiday vinyl

via the ever wonderful Boing Boing:
More kitschy Star Wars holiday vinyl

Friday, December 24, 2004

Boing Boing: Public Record

Boing Boing: Public Record

Archive for audio activist ensemble Ultra-Red...

Boing Boing: MP3s of Yugoslavia's Fake '50s Mexican Songsters

Boing Boing: Chewie the Rookie Wookie

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Happy Holidays...

So I think things are gonna get kinda quiet here for a bit during the holidays...wanted to say thanks for reading and listening and offer up a couple of gmail accounts...don't know how valuable they are anymore, but for those of you out there who might want one, let me know. Whoever does the best job of convincing me that they want one will get them, flattery gets you everywhere.

You can either leave a comment or email me using the email on the side bar, it's in the about me section.

And yeah, that's my dog po-po-pelly, as my daughter calls her.


They're all gone! Sorry if you didn't get one!

Kiddie Records

Can't wait for this, loads of fun for the new year!
Kiddie Records

I don't care about my sorrows.

William Elliot Whitmore has one of those voices that'll tear right through you...and I mean it in a smooth sort of's a natural resonant sound, soulful and old. It's hard to imagine the voice coming out of his body...there's so many more years in it than what there appears to be.

I saw him live around a year ago. He was the middle of three bands. The first band came on, driving guitars, lots of screaming power-punk. He stepped on stage, pulled up a chair and started playing his banjo and singing and the place went deathly quiet...he knocked the indie-punk kids on their butts. They were not expecting him or his raw, honest emotion.

Southern Records has posted a new track from his forthcoming (Feb. 2005) album, "Ashes to Dust."
William Elliot Whitmore - Lift My Jug (song for Hub Cale)
and from his debut album, "Hymns for the Hopeless":
William Elliot Whitmore - Cold and Dead

You can purchase his debut over at insound.

Bollywood for the Skeptical

Bollywood for the Skeptical

Great collection of bollywood tunes for your downloading pleasure, via the ever wonderful BoingBoing

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

You only need your own air to breathe

Lync? Love as Laughter? Names ring a bell? Well, if they do, you'll probably be pleased to know that Love As Laughter is finishing up a new album for a 2005 release, the first since 2001's "Sea To Shining Sea."
Lync - These Are Not Fall Colors (from krecords)
In the meantime, it looks like the mastermind Sam Jayne hasn't been idle. He's got a bit of a solo thing going on and if you happened to see Iron and Wine recently, there's a good chance Sam was the opening act. I saw Lync play back in the day and they rawked hard, it was quite a show. I also think pretty highly of Love as Laughter and Sam Jayne himself, he's got a lot of sounds inside of him, begging to be let out. If all of this is completely foreign to you, you might, if you're a Beck fan, recognize Sam from Beck's album, "One Foot In The Grave." That's also Lync's bassist, James on the cover. It's probably my favorite Beck record, but it's not like the others. It's steeped in blues and gospel and the sound of one guitar. Me likes it.

But I digress. Sam has been generous in that he's posted some mp3s for our listening pleasure up at his site. Please go and visit and enjoy the tunes.
Sam Jayne - Rosie's Factory
Sam Jayne - The Cleaning Man
Thinking of buying? Amazon, Subpop, krecords and Lucky Horse Industries.

Tijuana Christmas

For your holiday enjoyment...

The Border Brass

Yo! Check out the Beastles!

dj BC presents The Beastles
Beatles vs. the Beastie Boys
via BoingBoing

Monday, December 20, 2004

there was no answer...!

So apparently The Fall-Outs have a new record...somehow this slipped by me...I guess I'm really not paying attention. I don't have it yet, but Estrus is kind enough to put up an mp3 for our listening pleasure. There are some other bands there as well, check them out here.

The Fall-Outs - Staring at the Sun (from "Summertime")

The Fall-Outs formed way back around 1989 or so, at least, that's what I'm able to figure out. Here's a good site with a discography and the like. They're a garage band, of sorts, but they've got a bit more pop in them than most. A lot of these current "garage bands" running around owe these guys at least a drink at the local pub.

Here's a few more tracks for your listening pleasure. And an Amazon and Estrus link for your purchasing ease.

The Fall-Outs - Where Did You Go REMOVED
The Fall-Outs - Like Me REMOVED
The Fall-Outs - I Wish You'd Come Back REMOVED
The Fall-Outs - Zombie REMOVED

Saturday, December 18, 2004

His fists fastened to his hips, daring me...

The Spinanes formed in 1991. They started as a duo, with Rebecca Gates on guitar and vocals and Scott Plouf bangin the drums. Their first album, "Manos," actually got a fair bit of attention on the college radio circuits. I remember seeing them two times, once at the YoYoAGoGo festival up in Olympia, Washington and another time opening for Luna. Rebecca is a wonderful performer, making you feel a part of her music. She's also a lot taller than you think, she cuts quite an imposing persona up there. They recorded two albums together, "Manos" and 1996's "Stand." Scott moved on around 1998, before the third album, "Arches and Aisles," was recorded, apparently going on to work with a number of different groups, including Built to Spill. This was their last full length and I know that Rebecca is now performing as a solo artist, you can find her website here.

Over the years Rebecca has worked with a lot of different people, including Elliot Smith (he's on "Strand," she joins him as well on his debut album) and John McEntire (of Tortoise fame).

You can still get their releases, I'd recommend going straight to SubPop for them.

The Spinanes - Manos REMOVED
The Spinanes - Noel, Jonah and Me (remixed by Adam Kasper) REMOVED
The Spinanes - Kid in Candy REMOVED

Rebecca's newer releases can be purchased here, at Badman Records. They've got quite a different feel to them, although it's a logical build if you follow her through the Spinanes records to today, especially considering she's working more and more with John McEntire.
Rebecca Gates - The Seldom Scene
Rebecca Gates - Lure & Cast

Friday, December 17, 2004

Lay yourself on the table...


The Balancing act formed in 1984, and their first release came out two years later, in 1986. This ep, "New Campfire Songs," was followed by two full length albums and then they disbanded, discouraged, it seems, by the lack of success. I discovered them around 1987 or so, and their mostly acoustic sounds were not the norm for my tastes. But something about their delivery and writing made it all work for me. They had a sense of humor that was absent from a lot of other music and they seemed to be, both lyrically and musically, doing something a bit different.

Here's a great web site, We're Not Lost, with a wealth of information, including a handful of rare tracks for your perusal.

All of their albums are out of print, so if you're interested, I'd go the ebay or route. Their second full length, "Curtains," has a different sound to it, more produced, and it's probably my least favorite of their releases.

The Balancing Act - Who Got the Pearls? (from "New Campfire Songs") REMOVED
The Balancing Act - This Is Where It All Begins (from "Three Squares and a Roof") REMOVED
The Balancing Act - Can You Get To That (from "Curtains" - written by George Clinton/Ernie Harris - feat. Victoria Williams on Backing Vocals) REMOVED

Thursday, December 16, 2004

I'm the king of the swingers!

Sorry I haven't been so active lately, things have been a wee bit busy for me, both at home and at work.


Here's a quick little post...a great song covered by a pretty good band...

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - I Wann Be Just Like You (the monkey song) REMOVED

You can go to their website, they've got a new Christmas album out that's got a cover of "Mr. Heatmiser" on it, how can you go wrong there?

Here's an Amazon link, they've got quite a few releases out. This song is from a super rare ep called "Watchu' Want For Christmas?" which is also at Amazon for between $29 and $92...used...ouch...I better take better care of it....

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

If you only listen to one thing I say, this is it.

If Y.A.C.H.T or Bobby Birdman ever come to your town and play and you do not go you are an idiot.

I'm sorry, that's the truth.

Y.A.C.H.T was shocking...beyond what I expected. He understands that it is not about standing behing a laptop and making music for people to listen to.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


A little raw rock for you today...The Satelliters had this mysterious air about them in their early days, it seemed in every photo they were wearing ski masks and looking thuggish, in a skinny sort of way. And they play their music raw and full of energy. They formed sometime around 1993 in Denmark, and have a total of 7 albums, their last release, it appears, was in 2001, although there's an album slated for a 2005 release in the works.

Here are two songs from their 1996 relase, "Hi Karate!" You can get it through Amazon and a host of other venues. Their albums are mainly release through Dionysus Records.

The Satelliters - Murder on the Moor REMOVED
The Satelliters - Oasis (J. Richman cover) REMOVED

There are a couple of more tracks available on their web site, as well.

Monday, December 13, 2004

8-bit Nintendo

how can you not smile when you hear this stuff?

Boing Boing: Japanese band uses old 8-bit Nintendo to make music

Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment to Sparkle Motion

So since I'm all excited about going to see Y.A.C.H.T tomorrow in San Francisco (he's playing with Bobby Birdman, Eats Tape, Secret Mommy and Warbler)'s the lowdown...

Jona is Y.A.C.H.T. He creates musical landscapes of blips and beeps and well, shucks, he rocks my world. He did most of the music on the recent Blow e.p. that was up over on fluxblog recently, he recently toured with Devendra Banhart (playing drums), plays on Bobby Birdman's album, and my oh my the list goes on....

He's got a couple of albums coming out soon, one on States Rights Records, another one on Marriage Records. Go to these sites, there's lots more songs there for the taking and if they've got his name on 'em, there's a good chance they'll be good.

Here are direct links to a couple of them (and a Donnie Darko reference to boot!):
Y.A.C.H.T. - Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment to Sparkle Motion
Y.A.C.H.T. - I Love a Computer

Go HERE and States Rights Records for more goodness and to BUY his stuff!
the Blow ep is up on itunes, as well:
The Blow



check it out...90 minutes of music...

Sunday, December 12, 2004

...they must have wool in their ears...

The Housemartins formed back in the mid-80's and were known for their pop-sensibility coupled with a bit a soul and gospel. You'll hear bits of the Smiths in here...but I feel they kind of carved a little musical niche of their own. Their first album "London0, Hull 4", is by far my favorite, although "Now That's What I Call Quite Good," a collection of b-sides and rarities, is just that. They're one of those bands that did better in the UK than here in the US, which, when I was listening, made me feel that much better about being a fan. I'm so much smarter than other American teens, aren't I? :)

That being said, the success of their bass player, Norman Cook, as Fatboy Slim, has kept them in and out of the edges of the spotlight. Their singer, Paul Heaton, also went on to form The Beautiful South, who I'm not overly familiar with, although I've liked what I've heard in the past (an ex-girlfriend was a huge fan).

It's easy to find information out there about them: All Music, Trouser Press, The Housemartins Site and lots of others are out there.

It's also quite easy to purchase their music, and I'd highly recommend it if you enjoy these two songs. Here's an Amazon link, although you can find their stuff just about anywhere. Although not in the US itunes store, they are in the UK version, which there's a link for here:
The Housemartins
And here's are the tunes: Sheep is from "London 0, Hull 4" and I'll Be Your Shelter is from "Now That's What I Call Quite Good."

The Housemartins - Sheep REMOVED
The Housemartins - I'll Be Your Shelter REMOVED

Friday, December 10, 2004

..rock n' roll finally gasps its last

Aerosmith Sells You A Buick

I'm not really an Aerosmith fan, but the article is interesting and more about music and advertising in general.

What will be when I am gone?

Eat's debut album, Sell Me A God, came out in 1989. At the time it was a pretty big deal, as they were the first band to release anything on the Fiction (Polygram) label other than the Cure, and that's what led me to purchase it. Don't expect them to sound like the Cure, however. According to Trouser Press:
Merging elements as diverse as the Doors, Gang of Four and Big Audio Dynamite, Eat created an instantly familiar record that ultimately sounds like no one else.
And I'd say that was true. I'd also add a bit of the Screaming Blue Messiahs to the mix. Trouser Press goes on to say:
the group collapsed in 1990, the twin victim of lineup defections and singer Ange Dolittle's debilitating heroin habit.
They went on to finish another album, which I haven't heard...and to form some other bands, you can find out more at Trouser Press. You can also buy it from Amazon for $1.60!

Here are two tracks from their debut album, "Sell Me A God."

Eat - Tombstone REMOVED
Eat - Fatman REMOVED

Thursday, December 09, 2004

all the things we meant to say

Rocketship's first release, "Hey Hey Girl," is considered a classic in the indie-pop world. Lots of nice organs and breathy vocals. There's a good amount of info out there, and I'm only going to post 1 song, as you can get 4 more and a pretty decent bio of them over at epitonic, although it's not up to date.
Here's a link to purchase a more recent release, which is supposed to be a bit different, more electronic sounding. Here's an interesting interview which, although over a year old, hints at things to come. I guess Dustin's also worked with a few other bands, including Kissing Book.
So I'm not feeling verbose. Here's the song, from the Slumberland Compilation, "Why Popstars Can't Dance."

Rocketship - Like A Dream REMOVED

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Tuwa's Shanty

Tuwa's calling it quits...

give him a visit:

Tuwa's Shanty

skimming stones across the surface

Perfect pop bliss? Well, on occasion, I find it...and this album ranks up there for the top 20 or so...

There are moments when Eggstone remind me of Blur...but those are fleeting. Mostly they just sound sweet and good and make me want to dance in a field of flowers and...oh, that's too much information, isn't it?

I know very little about these guys, other than they are Swedish and seem to have a couple of albums other than Somersault, the only album I have by them.

Here's a quote from All Music's description of Somersault:
Very few albums exist that exude more sappy wimpiness than Eggstone's Somersault -- and that's very much a compliment. Throughout the album, meanwhile, things just sparkle and charge with a pure zest. Sunding has an astonishingly pure and lovely voice, clean and clear without being overly polished, his soaring verses and wordless coos and sighs fitting with the music just right.

There last release was in 2001, it seems. They have a defunct semi-official web site and that seems to be it. Here's an Amazon link where you can pick up Somersault for .39 cents! If you can enlighten me, please do!

Eggstone - Good Morning REMOVED
Eggstone - Water REMOVED
Eggstone - Split REMOVED

I hope he sticks to the milk & cookies!

Woah! Hey I'm jumpin' on that bandwagon with a bit o' christmas cheer!

Here's The Royal Crown Revue, swinging into Christmas.

Royal Crown Revue - Hey Santa! REMOVED

Here's an Amazon link to Royal Crown Revue.

I'll be back with something else later today, to make up for my abscense yesterday.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Visions of a Middle-Class Life

Talking about Moev is's almost like trying to talk about three(maybe even four) bands. Their line-up changed quite a lot during their existance. From the early days with vocalist Madeleine Morris, to phase two with two vocalists, Cal Stephenson and Michella Arrichiello, to phase three with vocalist Dean Russel. During this time there are lots of other line-up changes as well. Phase four would occur later, in the late 90's when Tom Ferris, one of the two original members would reform the group with his wife Julie Ferris and bring back the original member Cal Stephenson. Here's a link to the All Music Bio and another link to a pretty good Fan site.

They've also got a small presence at Nettwork, their second label and strangely enough a cassette for sale there.

Phase one will remind you a bit of early Siouxsie and Berlin with some EARLY Ministry in there, phase two will as well, with more of a leaning to electronic/new wave sounds and phase three fits in more with a darker Depeche Mode with a bit of Nitzer Ebb in there.
So, here are four tracks from Moev, representing three of their four phases.

phase one: Moev - In Your Head REMOVED
phase two: Moev - Sea-Missile Motel REMOVED
phase two: Moev - Alibis REMOVED
phase three: Moev - Crucify Me (12" version) REMOVED

Most of this stuff can be found used, there's very little available new. Here's an Amazon link.

Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka

BoingBoing enlightened me on this one, but I think I'd be remiss not to mention it, considering the recent Jerry Van Rooyan post. Here's the BoingBoing link:
Boing Boing: Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka MP3s for the masses
and a direct link to the album of porn inspired goodness:
Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka

Sunday, December 05, 2004

make some business or something...

I can't say much (except the CD cover above is, well, silly) about this band because I don't know much. The only thing I do know is that a friend of mine, Tom Koch, worked on a couple of the songs and that's how I ended up with a copy. So after searching a bit, I did find a bit of knowledge...from All Music:

Dogon is Miguel Noya and Paul Godwin. Notdunjusta is their classic 1996 release and one of the quirkiest discs of the '90s. Noya and Godwin incorporate many different styles into their sound design. This CD has elements of desert ambience, tribal minimalism, experimental avant-garde, and symphonic synthesizer e-music. The fusion of these styles gives the disc a new and fresh feel. Godwin and Noya have not invented a new style; they have merely forged a unique and infectious sound. Listeners will feel the fun and join the festivities. It is very difficult not to smile when listening to this CD. The atmospheres are large, the samples are offbeat, and the rhythms are warped. Noya and Godwin have created a unique adventure. This CD is a classic and an essential element of any e-music collection.

There's also this site, which is pretty cryptic. The album as a whole is pretty ambient: imagine the sounds various household items would make if they were making music and you'd be pretty close. The lights turning on and off, water dripping, the tv snapping on and off...soundbites floating through the air and you're beginning to get there. It's all good for the late Sunday night soundtrack. Take a bit of Severed Heads, circa "Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live in the Past," and mix it with Kitaro (both the good and the bad) and you're somewhere in the neighborhood.

You can still find the albums floating around there used, here's an Amazon link. Both of these tracks are from the original CD "notdunjusta," which is now part of a 2disc set called "redunjusta."

Dogon - humedo REMOVED
Dogon - feathers REMOVED

Saturday, December 04, 2004

At 250 Miles Per Hour!

So I wish that there was more that I could write about this CD, but the truth is there isn't much out there, other than what's written in the CD itself, and at All Music:

The 18 cuts on Jerry Van Rooyen at 250 Miles Per Hour were originally written and recorded by Van Rooyen for director Pier A. Caminneci's slinky supernatural horrotica film, Necronomicon/Succubus, and follow up racecar adventure, How Short Is the Time for Love. Compositions that Van Rooyen recorded for director Ramon Comas' sexy spy thriller Death on a Rainy Day, and director Freddie Francis' comedic The Vampire Happening are also included on this CD. All of the cuts are instrumental in nature, though of some melodic lines are sung on a tune or two. Van Rooyen's music has a strong jazz orchestral edge to it that often gives way to funk and late '60s pop flavors. The CD's second track, "The Great Bank Robbery" theme, from How Short Is the Time for Love, is an upbeat tune that bristles with suspenseful horn lines, a syncopated organ solo, lively bass, and nice drum work. It begins with a shake-your-booty funk feel and then concludes with some swing. "Death Walks in Heels," the album's sixth cut and one that was recorded for the film Necronomicon/Succubus, is a straight ahead be-bop number while track seventeen, "Lullaby in Bed," is a lush bossanova full of strings and a subtle triangle line. Van Rooyen paid particular attention to include lots of interesting percussion timbres and parts in his songs. The somewhat X-rated CD booklet features a number of stills from some of the above-mentioned films and provides insightful biographical information about both Van Rooyen and those film directors with whom he collaborated. Van Rooyen was, before graduating into the realm of composing music for arty X-rated flicks, an accomplished jazz and classical trumpeter who played with the Netherlands Symphonic Orchestra and such notable Dutch musicians as Ernst Van't Hoff, Boyd Bachman, Bengt Hallberg, Ake Persson, and Lars Gullin. This dual sensibility, of both composer and musician, comes through is his music. His compositions are beautifully layered and well structured though the musicians are often given room to improvise and really shine. A great CD, At 250 Miles Per Hour is as exhilarating as it is comically horrifying and steamy.

So there you go. It's a pretty solid selection, although some of the tracks are too orchestral for my taste, but the good tracks, like the ones below, are really good. It's seems to be out of print, there are the occasional used copies floating around out there. Enjoy.

Jerry Van Rooyen - Sax Hunt REMOVED
Jerry Van Rooyen - The Great Bank Robbery REMOVED
Jerry Van Rooyen - Sundown REMOVED

Friday, December 03, 2004

See what a cigar'll do?

Since it's Friday and I'm feelin' kinda spunky, I'm gonna spin this thing completely around on it's head. I'm a fan of Crispin Hellion Glover, I think he's outrageous and funny and enough of a freak to make himself seem real, especially in the context of all that is Hollywood. He does what he wants and doesn't seem to care about what others think of him.

Take this, for instance, when he was on David Lettermen for the first time, back in 1987 (screen capture).

Or this incredible music video he did for the song, Ben, in the movie Willard.

He's got his own (small) website, from which you can order his books (which are wacked but amazing) and keep up to date on his movie, What Is It...if it ever comes out.

Plus he's been in a lot of films and, say what you want, he's usually fun to watch (Back to The Future, Rivers Edge, Charlie's Angels, Willard, Rubin & Ed, Wild at Heart, Dead Man, etc.).

I could go on and on but I won't. Here are two sites dedicated to him: Crispin Online and the Crispin Encyclopedia.

So what does this have to do with music? Well, back in 1989 Crispin released an album which was produced by Barnes & Barnes (remember fishheads?). It's quite a ride w/music and readings from his books. You can still purchase it direct from his website, apparently, or Amazon.

Crispin Hellion Glover - Clowny Clown Clown REMOVED
Crispin Hellion Glover - These Boots Are Made For Walking REMOVED

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Make it choke, make it spit!

Okay, so maybe that isn't a picture of the band Hula, but it was all I could find. Hula formed in the early 80's, although I didn't discover them until later, I believe it was on Debut magazine LP (remember that anyone? A full length LP sampler w/magazine?) that I bought at Tower Records, back when they had an import section that mattered. They were known for some pretty extravagent live shows, lots of visuals and crazy antics, although I never saw them live (did they ever hit the states?).

You can find a much more detailed bio over at Trouser Press, from which this quote comes:

Formed in Sheffield by guitarist/tape manipulator Ron Wright, Hula furrowed a techno-industrial-multi-media path unmistakably influenced by Cabaret Voltaire (whose Stephen Mallinder produced their first single), yet fused with their own esoteric impulses into a unique strain of future- shock rock. Hula undercut its cluttered rhythms and flanged, ranting vocals with seriously funky bass and a disorienting melodic undertow; the media-overload of their live shows (employing at least a dozen film projectors) combined with the pulverizing music to build a mindbomb of epic proportions. Throughout its career, Hula released its best work on 45s, keeping its LP more deliberately experimental.

These two tracks are from their collection, Threshold, released in 1987, which is pretty consistent.

Hula - Fever Car REMOVED
Hula - Walk on Stalks of Shattered Glass (Version) REMOVED

It seems as if it's a bit hard to find their stuff anymore, but here's a link throrugh a Amazon for some vinyl.

UPDATE: Here's a site dedicated to Hula, submitted by Mr. A Nonymous: Sour Eden (Thanks!)

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

chicky chicky ba ba ba ba chicky!

I debated on whether or not to do this post today...but in the end, Renegade Soundwave Prevailed...maybe it was because I haven't posted much like them yet. I don't know. It was weird...when I started re-listening to their stuff, which I haven't done in YEARS I felt really let memories of the music seemed much better than what I was hearing.

But I kept listening to the singles and albums I have and well, I thought, I kinda have to post this. Don't know why. I just felt compelled.

Here's a comprehensive bio from Mute Liberation Technologies:
Formed in the late eighties in West London, RENEGADE SOUNDWAVE are known for their inventive fusion of club sound and metropolitan character. With the original line -up of Gary Asquith, Danny Briottet and Karl Bonnie, Renegade Soundwave were known for their "Soundclash" and "In Dub" albums, and their up-front knowledge of the club scene. Their early singles ; 'Biting My Nails" " Space Gladiator", "Probably A Robbery" and "Thunder 11" revealed an ear and an eye for stimulating detail. In fact "Probably a Robbery", their first Top 40, hit was complemented by the club remixes of "O-Zone Breakdown" which were checked and decked in all the right places.

After a lengthy break, during which time Renegade slimmed down to a two piece, (Gary Asquith and Danny Briottet) they returned with the single "Renegade Soundwave" complete with its perfectly timed Leftfield remixes. "Renegade Soundwave" was a perfect taster for the album "HOWYOUDOIN?'" flush with confidence, tricky little samples, characteristic tales of late night highs and early morning come downs and , of course, an array of instruments and subject matter that was only matched by their width of influence.

Bringing together musical genres as diverse as dub, jazz and rock and roll Renegade Soundwave write an accurate score for their own inner-city tales. The Autumn of 1994 saw Renegade Soundwave step in the live arena with their club friendly blend of dubbed up bass sounds.

So there you have it...and here we go :
Renegade Soundwave - Kray Twins REMOVED
Renegade Soundwave - Biting My Nails (vocal) REMOVED
Renegade Soundwave - Last Freedom Fighter REMOVED
Renegade Soundwave - Blast 'em Out REMOVED
You can get some of their stuff over at Amazon.

More Colourbox

For those of you who enjoyed my Colourbox post, Heath over at Just For a Day has a great post on them:

just for a day: colourbox world cup theme

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