Thursday, December 02, 2004

Make it choke, make it spit!

Okay, so maybe that isn't a picture of the band Hula, but it was all I could find. Hula formed in the early 80's, although I didn't discover them until later, I believe it was on Debut magazine LP (remember that anyone? A full length LP sampler w/magazine?) that I bought at Tower Records, back when they had an import section that mattered. They were known for some pretty extravagent live shows, lots of visuals and crazy antics, although I never saw them live (did they ever hit the states?).

You can find a much more detailed bio over at Trouser Press, from which this quote comes:

Formed in Sheffield by guitarist/tape manipulator Ron Wright, Hula furrowed a techno-industrial-multi-media path unmistakably influenced by Cabaret Voltaire (whose Stephen Mallinder produced their first single), yet fused with their own esoteric impulses into a unique strain of future- shock rock. Hula undercut its cluttered rhythms and flanged, ranting vocals with seriously funky bass and a disorienting melodic undertow; the media-overload of their live shows (employing at least a dozen film projectors) combined with the pulverizing music to build a mindbomb of epic proportions. Throughout its career, Hula released its best work on 45s, keeping its LP more deliberately experimental.

These two tracks are from their collection, Threshold, released in 1987, which is pretty consistent.

Hula - Fever Car REMOVED
Hula - Walk on Stalks of Shattered Glass (Version) REMOVED

It seems as if it's a bit hard to find their stuff anymore, but here's a link throrugh a Amazon for some vinyl.

UPDATE: Here's a site dedicated to Hula, submitted by Mr. A Nonymous: Sour Eden (Thanks!)


Blogger heath said...

wow. would you believe I've never heard Hula before? that many albums, on cherry red records no less, sound like cabaret voltaire, and somehow they've passed by my radar all these years. wacktastic. thanks for tuning me in, chief!

2:57 PM  
Blogger guanoboy said...

I can't believe I posted something you haven't heard...

Wacktastic! That's a great word!


8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Great post. I used to love Hula. First picked up the Fever Car 12" - on a whim back in 84. The song Hard Stripes blew me away and lead to searching out more releases (my favorite being 1000 Hours). The CV ties went deeper than just production - drummers Alan Fisch and Nort also played with CV. There is a Hula web site out there:

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought I'd maybe just dreamed all those records.... I used to have a stack of them, lost 'em along the way. Have been looking for info for a while, happened to find the (great!)soureden site, otherwise.... nuthin'. It amazes me that Hula'd just disappear like that (even the stuff with Daniel Miller).... But then, even when they were putting out records not many folks seemed that interested for some reason. My fave was the Black Wall Blue 12", nice funk A side, odd minimal art shit on the B. All good stuff though IMO.
Thanks so much for helping to fill in the blanks here. Your site is well done, providing a good variety of tunes for our review/ enjoyment. Def nera the top of my bookmarks. Keep it up -- please!

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hula was a great, a really great band! To me they are the most underestimated industrial band of the eighties... I liked them better than the Cabs...

9:49 AM  

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