Saturday, December 04, 2004

At 250 Miles Per Hour!

So I wish that there was more that I could write about this CD, but the truth is there isn't much out there, other than what's written in the CD itself, and at All Music:

The 18 cuts on Jerry Van Rooyen at 250 Miles Per Hour were originally written and recorded by Van Rooyen for director Pier A. Caminneci's slinky supernatural horrotica film, Necronomicon/Succubus, and follow up racecar adventure, How Short Is the Time for Love. Compositions that Van Rooyen recorded for director Ramon Comas' sexy spy thriller Death on a Rainy Day, and director Freddie Francis' comedic The Vampire Happening are also included on this CD. All of the cuts are instrumental in nature, though of some melodic lines are sung on a tune or two. Van Rooyen's music has a strong jazz orchestral edge to it that often gives way to funk and late '60s pop flavors. The CD's second track, "The Great Bank Robbery" theme, from How Short Is the Time for Love, is an upbeat tune that bristles with suspenseful horn lines, a syncopated organ solo, lively bass, and nice drum work. It begins with a shake-your-booty funk feel and then concludes with some swing. "Death Walks in Heels," the album's sixth cut and one that was recorded for the film Necronomicon/Succubus, is a straight ahead be-bop number while track seventeen, "Lullaby in Bed," is a lush bossanova full of strings and a subtle triangle line. Van Rooyen paid particular attention to include lots of interesting percussion timbres and parts in his songs. The somewhat X-rated CD booklet features a number of stills from some of the above-mentioned films and provides insightful biographical information about both Van Rooyen and those film directors with whom he collaborated. Van Rooyen was, before graduating into the realm of composing music for arty X-rated flicks, an accomplished jazz and classical trumpeter who played with the Netherlands Symphonic Orchestra and such notable Dutch musicians as Ernst Van't Hoff, Boyd Bachman, Bengt Hallberg, Ake Persson, and Lars Gullin. This dual sensibility, of both composer and musician, comes through is his music. His compositions are beautifully layered and well structured though the musicians are often given room to improvise and really shine. A great CD, At 250 Miles Per Hour is as exhilarating as it is comically horrifying and steamy.

So there you go. It's a pretty solid selection, although some of the tracks are too orchestral for my taste, but the good tracks, like the ones below, are really good. It's seems to be out of print, there are the occasional used copies floating around out there. Enjoy.

Jerry Van Rooyen - Sax Hunt REMOVED
Jerry Van Rooyen - The Great Bank Robbery REMOVED
Jerry Van Rooyen - Sundown REMOVED


Blogger thebeathunters said...

great jazzy cinematic selection!
when was it recorded? late sixties or 70's?
is there more late seventies psych-funk (jazz like x-rated soundtracks) on that album?

10:54 AM  
Blogger guanoboy said...

It was recorded in 1967 and 68, and these were for the most part, x-rated films.

There is more of this style there, I'd say about half of it leans towards the more orchestral/cinematic feel.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Tuwa said...

It's me again, catching up. Good tracks; I do like your taste. ^_^

12:20 AM  

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