Monday, December 20, 2004

there was no answer...!

So apparently The Fall-Outs have a new record...somehow this slipped by me...I guess I'm really not paying attention. I don't have it yet, but Estrus is kind enough to put up an mp3 for our listening pleasure. There are some other bands there as well, check them out here.

The Fall-Outs - Staring at the Sun (from "Summertime")

The Fall-Outs formed way back around 1989 or so, at least, that's what I'm able to figure out. Here's a good site with a discography and the like. They're a garage band, of sorts, but they've got a bit more pop in them than most. A lot of these current "garage bands" running around owe these guys at least a drink at the local pub.

Here's a few more tracks for your listening pleasure. And an Amazon and Estrus link for your purchasing ease.

The Fall-Outs - Where Did You Go REMOVED
The Fall-Outs - Like Me REMOVED
The Fall-Outs - I Wish You'd Come Back REMOVED
The Fall-Outs - Zombie REMOVED


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