Thursday, December 09, 2004

all the things we meant to say

Rocketship's first release, "Hey Hey Girl," is considered a classic in the indie-pop world. Lots of nice organs and breathy vocals. There's a good amount of info out there, and I'm only going to post 1 song, as you can get 4 more and a pretty decent bio of them over at epitonic, although it's not up to date.
Here's a link to purchase a more recent release, which is supposed to be a bit different, more electronic sounding. Here's an interesting interview which, although over a year old, hints at things to come. I guess Dustin's also worked with a few other bands, including Kissing Book.
So I'm not feeling verbose. Here's the song, from the Slumberland Compilation, "Why Popstars Can't Dance."

Rocketship - Like A Dream REMOVED


Blogger erik said...

Stereolab meets Cardigans and add a boy for good measure. I like it!

9:00 PM  

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