Tuesday, December 14, 2004


A little raw rock for you today...The Satelliters had this mysterious air about them in their early days, it seemed in every photo they were wearing ski masks and looking thuggish, in a skinny sort of way. And they play their music raw and full of energy. They formed sometime around 1993 in Denmark, and have a total of 7 albums, their last release, it appears, was in 2001, although there's an album slated for a 2005 release in the works.

Here are two songs from their 1996 relase, "Hi Karate!" You can get it through Amazon and a host of other venues. Their albums are mainly release through Dionysus Records.

The Satelliters - Murder on the Moor REMOVED
The Satelliters - Oasis (J. Richman cover) REMOVED

There are a couple of more tracks available on their web site, as well.


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