Monday, December 06, 2004

Visions of a Middle-Class Life

Talking about Moev is's almost like trying to talk about three(maybe even four) bands. Their line-up changed quite a lot during their existance. From the early days with vocalist Madeleine Morris, to phase two with two vocalists, Cal Stephenson and Michella Arrichiello, to phase three with vocalist Dean Russel. During this time there are lots of other line-up changes as well. Phase four would occur later, in the late 90's when Tom Ferris, one of the two original members would reform the group with his wife Julie Ferris and bring back the original member Cal Stephenson. Here's a link to the All Music Bio and another link to a pretty good Fan site.

They've also got a small presence at Nettwork, their second label and strangely enough a cassette for sale there.

Phase one will remind you a bit of early Siouxsie and Berlin with some EARLY Ministry in there, phase two will as well, with more of a leaning to electronic/new wave sounds and phase three fits in more with a darker Depeche Mode with a bit of Nitzer Ebb in there.
So, here are four tracks from Moev, representing three of their four phases.

phase one: Moev - In Your Head REMOVED
phase two: Moev - Sea-Missile Motel REMOVED
phase two: Moev - Alibis REMOVED
phase three: Moev - Crucify Me (12" version) REMOVED

Most of this stuff can be found used, there's very little available new. Here's an Amazon link.


Blogger erik said...

i came upon moev phase 4 and worked backwards. when phase 1 was reached i was really surprised how good it was.

moev phase 4, in hindsight, used the cheap wax trax solution to sell music: sex, drugs, and/or anti christianity themes.

going through my own collection now, i often look down up these musians that used this formula to make a name for them selves to sell a song.

9:27 PM  

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