Sunday, December 05, 2004

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I can't say much (except the CD cover above is, well, silly) about this band because I don't know much. The only thing I do know is that a friend of mine, Tom Koch, worked on a couple of the songs and that's how I ended up with a copy. So after searching a bit, I did find a bit of knowledge...from All Music:

Dogon is Miguel Noya and Paul Godwin. Notdunjusta is their classic 1996 release and one of the quirkiest discs of the '90s. Noya and Godwin incorporate many different styles into their sound design. This CD has elements of desert ambience, tribal minimalism, experimental avant-garde, and symphonic synthesizer e-music. The fusion of these styles gives the disc a new and fresh feel. Godwin and Noya have not invented a new style; they have merely forged a unique and infectious sound. Listeners will feel the fun and join the festivities. It is very difficult not to smile when listening to this CD. The atmospheres are large, the samples are offbeat, and the rhythms are warped. Noya and Godwin have created a unique adventure. This CD is a classic and an essential element of any e-music collection.

There's also this site, which is pretty cryptic. The album as a whole is pretty ambient: imagine the sounds various household items would make if they were making music and you'd be pretty close. The lights turning on and off, water dripping, the tv snapping on and off...soundbites floating through the air and you're beginning to get there. It's all good for the late Sunday night soundtrack. Take a bit of Severed Heads, circa "Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live in the Past," and mix it with Kitaro (both the good and the bad) and you're somewhere in the neighborhood.

You can still find the albums floating around there used, here's an Amazon link. Both of these tracks are from the original CD "notdunjusta," which is now part of a 2disc set called "redunjusta."

Dogon - humedo REMOVED
Dogon - feathers REMOVED


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