Tuesday, December 21, 2004

You only need your own air to breathe

Lync? Love as Laughter? Names ring a bell? Well, if they do, you'll probably be pleased to know that Love As Laughter is finishing up a new album for a 2005 release, the first since 2001's "Sea To Shining Sea."
Lync - These Are Not Fall Colors (from krecords)
In the meantime, it looks like the mastermind Sam Jayne hasn't been idle. He's got a bit of a solo thing going on and if you happened to see Iron and Wine recently, there's a good chance Sam was the opening act. I saw Lync play back in the day and they rawked hard, it was quite a show. I also think pretty highly of Love as Laughter and Sam Jayne himself, he's got a lot of sounds inside of him, begging to be let out. If all of this is completely foreign to you, you might, if you're a Beck fan, recognize Sam from Beck's album, "One Foot In The Grave." That's also Lync's bassist, James on the cover. It's probably my favorite Beck record, but it's not like the others. It's steeped in blues and gospel and the sound of one guitar. Me likes it.

But I digress. Sam has been generous in that he's posted some mp3s for our listening pleasure up at his site. Please go and visit and enjoy the tunes.
Sam Jayne - Rosie's Factory
Sam Jayne - The Cleaning Man
Thinking of buying? Amazon, Subpop, krecords and Lucky Horse Industries.


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