Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pop is eating itself...

Via Agenda:

"One of the stars in the music video for the South Korean pop song 'Anymotion' is bare-bellied teen idol Lee Hyo Lee. The other is a $600 Anycall cellphone sold by Samsung Electronics Co. In the video for the song, Ms. Lee dances with the phone and declares she can 'watch anybody, sing any rhythm, show any people, call any number.'

Samsung paid all the costs of making the song and the video -- and even hired the music producer and choreographer. 'We hope the lyrics will remind people of Anycall when they hear the word 'any' several times,' says Jong Hyun Kim, a manager at Samsung's ad agency, Cheil Communications. Samsung's Web site features a computer-generated Ms. Lee teaching teens the hip-jostling Anymotion dance.

In the U.S., fans might look down on the blatant commercialism of Ms. Lee's act. In Korea, 'Anymotion' hit the top of the charts in March and April, and the dance has become a club favorite. Since it made its debut, the music video has been downloaded 1.6 million times from Samsung's Web site and fans have paid as much as $2 each to download 3.1 million copies of the song onto their phones. ('Anymotion' isn't sold on CD.)

While entertainment and advertising are getting cozier everywhere, in Asia they have virtually merged. For many global advertisers, it's a chance to do what they would only dream of trying at home. For Asia's artists, hooking up with advertisers offers a more reliable way to profit at a time when fans are increasingly buying illegally pirated CDs and movies. (WALL STREET JOURNAL via STAYFREE)"

More at the Wall Street Journal.


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