Monday, April 25, 2005

I've been hit

So I got some sad news today. Michael Zimmerman, one of the contributing writers and all around good guy over at Heraclitussayz has died. I don't want to go into the details of his death, it is both tragic and sad. He is the guy who talked me into trying to do reviews over at their site, and he put up with my lack of experience and lack of time as well. He will be missed.


So, it's Monday, as if you didn't know...and well here's your video treat for the week. It's a double whammy, as the first portion is so freakin' short. I've got this strange collection of old videos and this is one that's a bit rarer than most. Awhile back, a company called Target Video released a bunch of vhs compilations, mainly punk bands and mainly performance based. I believe they were mostly shot and put together by a guy named Joe Rees. The footage was intercut with found video from various sources and they were an experience. Here's a clip from Underground Forces 5, It's two clips, the first is Bad Brains, the second the Circle climb into your punk rock wayback machine and enjoy.

Underground Forces - Bad Brains/Circle Jerks (quicktime)

The quality isn't the best, it's an ooooold tape. Beware, it doesn't start as you expect. Give it a few seconds.

Bonus points if you name the songs (it's not that hard)...

Apparently, Target Video is releasing some old stuff from their archives...there's a couple available right now, including The Cramps, The Stranglers and the Screamers, all of them are being released through MVD. You can purchase through them as well.


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