Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Is this thing on?

Posted another issue of Ulysses Speaks up at my other site. Visit if you get a chance. It's been posted on metafilter and in one day has had more hits than this site ever has (700+ and climbing). Insane.


Is it so wrong to like Ringside? I almost hate to verbalize it. Got the album in a promo packet and the first 6 tracks are decent. It surprised me. It has this AM/mid 70's feel to it...a voice landing somewhere between Rod Stewart and bono. Beautiful boys with money make album. I don't want to like it, but I do. Somebody please stop me. It makes me want one of these again. Anyone want to give me on?

Ringside- ColdOnMe REMOVED


So, back to the 80's. Remember "Funkytown," as done by Psuedo Echo? Well, before that big hit they had another album, Autumnal Park (self-titled in the US). The boys had the look, back then:

Look at those bangs!

And they had the electronic drum kit to beat all...I was in a band at the time and our drummer was salivating at the sounds these guys were making...he so wanted to have that sound. That crisp, clear electronic goodness. Oh well. We broke up just a few months later.

Pseudo Echo - Stranger In Me REMOVED
Pseudo Echo - Beat For You REMOVED

Turns out these guys are alive and kicking.


I'm speechless.

Put your hands together! I hate animated GIFs.

Apparently, their debut album from which these tracks are taken is going to be released on CD (on this label) , which up until now never has been. More info on this and their current tour over at their site.


Anonymous angryrobot said...

Ah yes, I do remember. In fact, during high school I was in a band (sort of -- I did drum machine programming and sequencer stuff) and we actually covered "Listening" and later, their version of "Funkytown." Those were the days.

7:16 AM  
Blogger newwavepop said...

holy friken crap its about time autumnal got put out!!!

8:24 AM  

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