Monday, June 06, 2005

Edwyn Collins: Update

It seems as if things are uphill from here. Here's the latest from his wife, Grace and his son, Will. Grace is talking about the bulletin board on Edwyn's site:

thank you, Grace: "The board is getting back to normal and I'll be a bit quieter as Will and I get on with the business encouraging Edwyn in his battle for recovery. Without going into details which are personal to Edwyn, I have to tell you it will be a long time before he surfaces as the effects of this terrible thing are complex and hard to conquer. In spite of the many uncertainties and struggles the near and distant future holds for him, Edwyn faces it with courage and patience, which requires daily renewal. Please keep him in your thoughts in the tough days and months ahead. Love Grace."

She has been beautiful throughout this whole painful ordeal - she has kept the fans in the loop, being honest and revealing and making Edwyn even more of a real person than before. As always, best to the whole family in the future.


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