Thursday, June 16, 2005

Everybody's going to get their turn

I did a post awhile back on Bad Brains, (I still have this live video up as well), and this is a follow up of sorts. After Bad Brains split up in the 80's, HR went solo for a bit, releasing a fair amount of records between 1984 and 2002. As I mentioned earlier, apparently they're back together, although the news is a bit conflicting as to what this means. A new album was in the works with Adam Yauch, but is it Soul Brains or Bad Brains? I can't seem to find any newer information than before.

Both of these tracks are from the untitled 1987 12".

H.R. - Now You Say REMOVED
H.R. - No Return REMOVED

You can find a boatload of Bad Brains releases over at Amazon, among other places, as well as some releases by HR. There's also this live Soul Brains CD.


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nice! HR

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