Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hello Nurse!

Another nice find...

Nurses hail from Southern California and their sound is, well...take a listen:

Nurses - Alone at Last

It seems they have a bit of their own sound there, something a bit unusual. But there's always comparisons, aren't there? But I'm not gonna go there.

Nurses - Hungry Mouth

Have fun with those two tracks. I'm gonna have to track down the album.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Wake up!

Slumberland's got a new release coming out and it's pretty catchy. Check out The Lodger's new track:

The Lodger - Kicking Sand

Eh, people are throwing around names like the Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys but damn, isn't it a bit early for those comparisons? Come on...Sounds a bit like a more melodic version of early Blur...with a bit of the Trash Can Sinatras thrown in for good measure.

Album is released on June 4th in the states and UK (Angular Records). Here's the tracklisting:

1. Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion
2. Kicking Sand
3. Getting Special
4. You Got Me Wrong
5. A Free Period
6. Simply Left Behind
7. My Advice Is On Loan
8. Let Her Go
9. Watching
10. Unsatisfied
11. The Story's Over
12. Not So Fast
13. Bye Bye
14. Let's Make A Pact

You can preview a few more tracks over on their myspace page as well.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Demons and Rabbits and Humans, Oh My!

PLUG ALERT: Check out Skeletal Dropkick if you have a chance. My most dearest's site which she just updated completely on her own. She's venturing into sculpture and the results are exciting.

I'm feeling a bit lonely

On Christian Kiefer's blog, he mentions "the spook" in reference to music, his desire for it in his sounds and his notice of it in other's music. The spook is abundant in his new release, "A Rather Solemn Promise." A collaborative effort with Tom Carter, the album leaves you aching for's a journey through the sounds of empty souls and broken hearts.

Tom Carter & Christian Kiefer - Unknown Foxen

Once again, Christian doesn't fail us...his music is haunting and has a depth to it few others ever find.

This album will be available on an extremely limited physical run (500 units) but I believe you'll be able to buy it digitally as well. Should be out the beginning of June.

Spend some time over at his site and visit his blog. Don't miss his podcast in which he shares more music.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Don't quit on us

I guess Becky Filip has been having some doubts about her musical abilities lately. But she shouldn't.

Becky Filip - Don't Fear

See what I mean? Leave her a comment on her Myspace page, encourage her to keep it coming that she has what it takes. I believe she does.


Every once in awhile I stumble upon something that makes music that much better. A few weeks ago, I found Ricky Berger...and life seemed awfully good. And upon listening to her and fumbling about her myspace page I found a friend of hers, Taylor Neal. And again the music seemed to brighten. After listening to all his songs on his myspace page over and over I wrote him and he sent me this:

Taylor Neal - Like A Lamb

and told me:

"I'm finishing up my first album right now. It should be out in the next month or two.

As far as personal info, I don't have an official bio, but I'd be happy to tell you a bit about myself. I'm turning 18 this Monday. I've been playing music for a two years and writing songs for a year and a half. I'm moving to Seattle in September to go to school and further pursue music. I also enjoy white pear tea a whole ton.

As far as upcoming shows, I'm playing at the Underground cafe (Roseville, CA) on June 8th for Adrian Bourgeois' cd release, along with Ricky Berger and Justin Farren. It's promising to be a very enjoyable night of music."

So happy 18th birthday, Taylor. Hope it's great. If you enjoyed this song run over to his myspace page and buy all his songs. He'll love you for it. And your life will be a little sweeter.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Is this everything?

Not by far. But here's a new track from the Mendoza Line.

The Mendoza Line - Aspect Of An Old Maid

Not a bad track...wish she sung a bit more.

The track above is an alternate take, not on the album. The final version has vocals by Will Sheff.

The album will be called "30 Year Low"'s the track listing:

1) since i came (McArdle)
2) aspect of an old maid (Bracy)
3) 31 candles (McArdle)
4) i lost my taste (Bracy)
5) love on parole (Bracy)
6) stepping on my heels (McArdle)
7) thirty year low (Bracy)
8) tell it to the raven (Jimmy Silva)

Apparently, the two of them are calling it quits as a couple with Shannon going on to other projects. The album reflects their divorce and everything associated with it. Should be interesting. More info over here.

It comes with a bonus disc, "The Final Remarks of the Legendary Malcontent," of rarities and outtakes from various sessions and live gigs.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How much to downtown?

Kinda like this track that just hit my in-box...gonna try to catch up today, I'll see if I can pull it off.

Taxi Taxi - X Marks the Spot

And here's another:

Taxi Taxi - Shoot the Dog, Chop the Tree

Going to have to give that one a bit more a listen. Taxi Taxi's new album will be hitting soon...keep an eye on their site for when it's available. You can also preview the whole album over there as well. I guess the album was three years in the making, with Terence Bernardo the instigator.

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