Saturday, May 12, 2007

Is this everything?

Not by far. But here's a new track from the Mendoza Line.

The Mendoza Line - Aspect Of An Old Maid

Not a bad track...wish she sung a bit more.

The track above is an alternate take, not on the album. The final version has vocals by Will Sheff.

The album will be called "30 Year Low"'s the track listing:

1) since i came (McArdle)
2) aspect of an old maid (Bracy)
3) 31 candles (McArdle)
4) i lost my taste (Bracy)
5) love on parole (Bracy)
6) stepping on my heels (McArdle)
7) thirty year low (Bracy)
8) tell it to the raven (Jimmy Silva)

Apparently, the two of them are calling it quits as a couple with Shannon going on to other projects. The album reflects their divorce and everything associated with it. Should be interesting. More info over here.

It comes with a bonus disc, "The Final Remarks of the Legendary Malcontent," of rarities and outtakes from various sessions and live gigs.


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