Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm feeling a bit lonely

On Christian Kiefer's blog, he mentions "the spook" in reference to music, his desire for it in his sounds and his notice of it in other's music. The spook is abundant in his new release, "A Rather Solemn Promise." A collaborative effort with Tom Carter, the album leaves you aching for's a journey through the sounds of empty souls and broken hearts.

Tom Carter & Christian Kiefer - Unknown Foxen

Once again, Christian doesn't fail us...his music is haunting and has a depth to it few others ever find.

This album will be available on an extremely limited physical run (500 units) but I believe you'll be able to buy it digitally as well. Should be out the beginning of June.

Spend some time over at his site and visit his blog. Don't miss his podcast in which he shares more music.


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