Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Forward Motion

A few days ago I received a promotional pre-release copy of The Attorney's next release, Stereocracy, which will hit the streets late January of 2007. I've posted about the Attorney's before, and always felt there was something more to their music. That they had a lot of raw potential that wasn't fully realized. They made a few musical stumbles on their past releases but this new disk...well, they're really starting to shine. They always had this underlying power-pop sound, this strong pulling from the past. But they've added more to this release.

The Attorneys - On A Whim (Mastered Version)

Now when I emailed John (guitarist/songwriter), he sent me this track, which is (in theory) the final master version of the song, not the one on the pre-release promo. Listen to it. They've come a long way. I can't get that song out of my head.

ELO. Queen. Power pop. They're mixing musical genres and making something their own. I hope this album takes them somewhere. I'll be surprised if it doesn't.

The Attorneys are:

William Ryan George - Singer, bass, songwriter
John Wlaysewski - guitarist, songwriter
Ken Weisbach - drummer


The CD is fully mastered and available for purchase over at The Attorney's website. Click! Quick!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooooh , you're right about this one!
Catchy, original, yet harking back to something...
That singer is the next Freddie Mercury!
good catch!
Jacob S.
ps-love your site

7:52 PM  
Anonymous john said...

The full mastered CD is now available for download at:

6:38 AM  

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