Thursday, August 03, 2006

no tutus here, please

Swan Lake's debut LP is hitting the streets on November 21. In case you didn't know, Swan Lake is made up of Dan Bejar of DESTROYER and NEW PORNOGRAPHERS, Carey Mercer of FROG EYES and Spencer Krug of WOLF PARADE and SUNSET RUBDOWN.

When my wife heard the track without knowing who was in it, she said, "is that Wolf Parade?"

Swan Lake - All Fires

Here's the track listing for the forthcoming release Beast Moans:

1. Widow's Walk
2. Nubile Days
3. City Calls
4. A Venue Called Rubella
5. All Fires
6. The Partisan But He's Got To Know
7. The Freedom
8. Petersburg, Liberty Theater, 1914
9. The Pollenated Girls
10. Bluebird
11. Pleasure Vessels
12. Are You Swimming In Her Pools?
13. Shooting Rockets

The album's being released by Jagjaguwar, lots of mp3s for your perusal over there, like:

Manishevitz - Beretta

Julie Doiron - Dance All Night


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