Thursday, August 03, 2006

with some ice cream, please...

Don't know how long this'll be up, so run over there and grab it...Cake has posted a live version of their song, Mexico:

Cake - Mexico_(live) REMOVED

It's from their forthcoming album, "Live From The Crystal Palace," which will be released later this year (Autumn 2006)


On Cake's site, they announced that the links to these bonus tracks will only be live for 24 hours, bummer, eh? I've revived the link, though, to my own site. Hope this isn't an issue for them...I'll pull it off if it is. If you're smart, though I recommend clicking over to Cake's site and signing up for the mailing list, that way you'll be on top of the next download.


Anonymous cakefan said...

The link is dead so is the one in the email they sent me. Do you have an alternate download location that you can share?


7:16 AM  

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