Monday, March 13, 2006

follow the yellow brick road

It's always interesting to find out where a member of a past favorite band ends up. In the case of Vitamin Z, the narrow winding road led me to Nick Lockwoods's new band, Lazenby. Nick played guitar back in the Vitamin Z days.

They've got quite a few tracks up on their site, here are a couple:

Lazenby - Let Me Live

I'm not quite sure what to make of them yet, it's all about her voice and although I want to jump in there liking it, something's holding me back. Its got this sort of lounge version of Morcheeba thing going on.

Lazenby - Circle of Angels

If you dig it, head over to their site for some more downloads. Oh, and on another Vitamin Z related note: Know who the Arctic Monkey's manager is? Geoff Barradale, ex-lead singer for Vitamin Z. Seems like he saw them in a club, fell in love and signed on. Check out this site for more info about Vitamin Z.


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