Friday, March 10, 2006


Still feel like I'm catching up....and remember, I'm going the AAC more mp3s from me, kiddos!

By request, a follow up to this post on Rhythm Collision, by request, here's another track:

Rhythm Collision - Now REMOVED

And also, something I wanted to do awhile ago after I posted about the strange and sad death of Bryan Harvey, a follow up with some of my favorite tracks from The House Of Freaks. You can find a pretty good write-up about them over at Trouser Press. I saw these guys quite a few times back when I was living in the Los Angeles area, they were quite a presence on stage, there aren't a lot of bands I'll seek out live multiple times and they were one of them.

House of Freaks - Kill The Mockingbird (from Tantilla, 1989) REMOVED
House of Freaks - I Got Happy (from Cakewalk, 1991) REMOVED
House of Freaks - You'll Never See the Light of Day (from All My Friends, 1989) REMOVED

You can find their releases used or as Rhino Hand Made releases over at Amazon, well worth checking out. And this site is, although not frequently updated, a good source of info about the band and their related side-projects.

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