Friday, March 10, 2006

That's what I meant, more or less...

+/- are on the move again, with a new album coming out soon and a new video up on their site, it's their best video so far. Check it out:

+/- - Steal the Blueprints (quicktime)

They've also announced some tour dates, for which I'm excited about as their coming to the west coast:

03.15.06 | austin, tx | sxsw at friends bar | w/ zykos, sam champion, the giraffes, standing waves and tartufi
03.16.06 | austin, tx | homeslice pizza | w/ zykos, luminous orange, the missing tapes, head of femur, irving and the glass family
03.18.06 | austin, tx | porchlight pop fest at mother egan's irish pub | w/ swearing at motorists, head of femur, fivehead, and more...
03.30.06 | san francisco, ca | noise pop 2006 at bottom of the hill | w/ her space holiday and more...
04.01.06 | los angeles, ca | knitting factory la | w/ jason collett (broken social scene) and tim rutili (califone)

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