Friday, February 17, 2006

the NOW! sounds again!

Whenever I put this CD on I always had this feeling that I had really put on some vinyl...the feeling and sound of Shig & Buzz takes you to that time when instrumental guitar rock was the in sound, when guys like Duane Eddy were rocking hard and slow...

Shig & Buzz - Lost Train

When I pulled this CD out I had no idea this guys were still kicking around...but they are...they've re-released this CD with four additional tracks, you can get it over at CDBaby.

They've got a small site and a groovy shirt for sale. Seems like they've altered their name a bit, too. It's now The Shig & The Buzz.

Check out Big Boy Pete's site as well, he's the lead guitarist on this album and he's handing out loads of tracks from his many years in the music business. Like these gems:

Bonny & Buzz - Thunderbird Road

Baby I Got News For You (from the Story of Oak Records)

And thanks to his site for all these tracks!

Interesting side note, the artwork for the original release is credited to Josh Agle, otherwise known as Shag.

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