Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dead Nude Girls!

Sometimes, i get lucky. Like getting my hands on the pre-release of the Sugarcubes live DVD release, "The Sugarcubes, Live Zabor." I've been a fan of the Sugarcubes since their first domestic release back in 1988. For those of you that don't know, this is band that spawned Bjork. The Sugarcubes live were a force to be reckoned with...between Bjork and Einar' Orn's performances and singing they definitely were captivating.

This DVD captures the band during 1988 and 1989, at two different locations. The biggest disappointment with this release is that it's basically a re-release of the VHS version of the concert. The footage is all video, and as such the quality isn't spectacular. It's a testament to the times. The menu is very basic and utilitarian as well. The sound quality is better than the VHS release, I don't know if that's due to a re-mastering or just the higher-quality of the DVD. That being said, it's hard to fault the DVD otherwise. The performances are wonderful, full of energy and it's always a treat to see the genesis of the Bjork we know and love now. A lot of great songs are performed, including some of my favorites, "Motorcrash," Delicious Demon," and two versions of "Birthday." The DVD, like the original release, is peppered throughout with short interviews/performances by the band members. Some of these are attempts at something that doesn't quite work for me, but for the most part are interesting and funny.

Overall, a recommended release for fans of the Sugarcubes or Bjork!

Rhino's been kind enough to offer some quicktime video of the performances as well, check 'em out:

The Sugarcubes - Birthday (Live) - quicktime

The Sugarcubes - Plastic (Live) - quicktime

Here's the official info on the DVD:

Street Date: February 7, 2006
Total Running Time: 59+ minutes

1. Einar Interview
2. Planet
3. Cowboy
4. Magga Interview
5. Mamma
6. Siggi Interview
7. Cold Sweat
8. Bragi Interview
9. Cat
10. Birthday
11. Bjork Interview
12. Delicious Demon
13. Thor Interview
14. Motorcrash
15. Plastic
16. Eat The Menu
17. Speed Is The Key
18. Deus
19. Luftgitar

And at $13.99 over at Amazon, it's quiet the bargain. You can also find it over at Rhino as well, and they've got some more info on the release there.


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