Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pending Lawsuit Pt. 2

I've talked about the Attorneys before. John from the band sent me their latest release, "Sparrow Gardens/Pencil Factory."

The first 12 tracks of this album were described by John as being "a bit lo-fi and meditative" while tracks 13-17 are "hif-i and rockin."

It's hard to be critical of a band who's stepping out on a limb and releasing tracks like the first portion of this album. The first 12 tracks are definately something more personal and intimate. One can imagine them being recorded in their bedroom, rain pouring down outside. And you wouldn't be far off. They were, apparently, recorded in the USS Winged Lady, a ship docked off the coast of Port Rene. At times the tracks work, coming together to make something better, something more heart-felt...Tracks like "Hello, I need to be here" seem like they were made for someone specific, like you're listening in on something you wouldn't normally be privy to...but sometimes it falls a bit short, becomming to experimental and cold.

The second part of the album is where they shine, though. They band knows how to write power-pop. They know how to create melodies that hearken back to something you know, but to take it somwhere it hasn't been yet.

The Attorneys - Stay

The Attorneys - The Way I Want

And head over to their website for more info and some streaming sound, the've also got a presence over at Sonic Bid as well as their own MyPlace home


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like them...
I wonder how the first 12 tracks sound....(I assume that the 2 you posted are the "powerpop"

10:36 AM  
Blogger guanoboy said...

There are a couple of samples over on their site that show what the earlier stuff sounds like, but it's not completely reflective of it...gives you a nice sample, though...check it out:


11:36 AM  

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