Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's a big old house and there's not much room

It's Valentine's Day and, well, here's a Valentine's treat for you. Not one, but two versions of the song, Valentine...originally written by Lois Maffeo back in 1993....

Lois - Valentine REMOVED

And although I love Lois' version, the original, there's something about this other version that just grabs me...

Small Factory - Valentine REMOVED

Lois has this past...well, her first band was called Courtney Love, before there was a Courtney Love. Apparently they were room mates and the other Courtney, the person, loved the name so much, she, well, took it as her own. I've heard Lois referred to as the Grandmother of the "Riot Girls" and such, and well, she's not that old, is she? This track is from her first "Lois" release. She's worked with lots of indie-hipsters, like Donna Dresch, Brendan Canty, Ian McKaye, Heather Dunn (Dub Narcotic) and others. You can get another track from Lois over at Epitonic, as well as some more bio info on her.

You can find and buy tons of her stuff over at kpunk. I highly recommend that you do!

This Small Factory track is from the 1993 Spin Art release, I Do Not Love You, or Lemon, I do not love you! Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending, it's only available on vinyl through Spin Art anymore. You can still get it used for around $7 over at Amazon, though.Some great info on the band over here at TweeNet.

So, have a great Valentine's Day!

And well, this one's dedicated to the one I love...Cris.


Blogger plynn said...

wow. Thanks for the Lois version of Valentine! I've wanted to hear that for years, but never managed to find it. I've had the Small Factory version for ages - I was unhealthily obsessed with Small Factory for a while, probably at least ten years ago now. I couldn't guess how many times I listened to the For if You Cannot Fly album... it's scary to contemplate, actually

10:23 AM  
Blogger Romerican said...

I've been searching high & low for "Valentine" by Small Factory! Any idea where I might find the song? It appears the link you once posted is gone :(

3:04 AM  
Blogger guanoboy said...

Drop me your e-mail... guanoboy at gmail dot com.

4:29 PM  

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