Monday, February 13, 2006

Land of Milk and Honey

I get quite a few e-mails requesting me to listen to bands and provide links...when I get busy, I tend to neglect these e-mails, and, as you can probably tell, I've been busy lately.

But This recent e-mail stood out for some reason, and I clicked the links and was pleasantly surprised.

Slaraffenland - Shuto-Uchi

Maybe it's the jazz meets electronic that's intriguing...there something new here, something a bit different - Kinetic and freeform. Maybe it's the name: Slaraffenland.

Maybe it's this swell photo!

But regardless, if you're into jazz and free-form music, take the time to check these guys out.

From their press release:

The music is unashamedly borrowing elements from all styles that attracts the band: post-, shoe-gaze and alternative-rock, noise and freeform jazz and hereby is created a unique expression that is hard to catagorize...Slaraffenland is based in Copenhagen and found its final formation in 2002. The unstrument park consists of guitars, bass, saxophone, trombone, drums, lap steel, keyboards, sampler, loops and various effects shared amongst the five members of the band.

Slaraffenland - Cockaigne

Visit their site and their myspace page as well for more info.


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