Thursday, December 08, 2005


Ah...the power of the word...

A friend just turned me on to these guys...based in San Francisco, From Momument to Masses challenge you to listen (from their site):

"From Monument to Masses is complex and hypnotic post-punk engineered to act as a revolutionary cultural force in service of the People. The band, the sampled sounds, and the music itself call for international Peoples' histories to be revisited and for any provoked indignation to be acted upon.

Highly influenced by the likes of Fugazi to Tortoise, Afrika Bambata to DJ Shadow, Don Caballero to Godspeed You Black Emperor, FMTM challenges the audience with epic compositions that abandon conventional song structure. Listen, question, act, repeat. "

What's that you say? Don't worry...they rock...

From Momument To Masses - To Z (Repeat)

From From Munment To Masses - Comrades & Friends

From Monument To Masses - Clinical (Live)

Oh, they've got a myspace page as well (What you don't have one? What's wrong with you?)
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