Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What the Auk?

It's interesting to note the sounds being bounced around today...and speaking of...discovered the Guillemots recently and they're kind enough to post a number of songs on their site.

They range from this small treasure, one of those songs that reminds of me a lost moment...a small tear...

The Guillemots - Cold Cool Moon

to the instrumental...

The Guillemots - The Evil Duck (an elegy)

Same band, you ask? Yes, it is.

Let's go back around again, shall we?

The Guillemots - If the World Ends (xFM session)

Something about these guys grips me...maybe it's cause he can really sing.

The recipe for eliciting an emotional response in me? Take The Tindersticks, add The Housemartins and, well, there you go.

Here, this'll cement it for you:

The Guillemots - Sea Out (demo)

And there's more for your downloading pleasure.
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