Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I've got to get away from here

I've been really short on time lately, another quick post...

Music is a table from which I sample freely...if you visit here regularly, you probably know by now that I venture everywhere. I've been negligent in discussing reggae, mainly because I'm not an expert and I tend to be pretty extreme about it. There are quite a few artists in the genre that I only like 1 or two songs by, mainly because I feel like there is a good amount of repetition.

That being said, here are two of my favorite tracks, both by classic reggae artists. The first is a track by Dennis Brown. The man is a legend within the reggae world. He began recording when he was 11 and had a huge number of hits. There's actually a good bio over at All Music, as well as a number of other sites about him out there. You can find his releases over at Trojan, as well as just about anywhere else. "Man Next Door" has that perfect laid back beat, and Dennis' vocals are so imploring and full of emotion.

Dennis Brown - Man Next Door REMOVED

The next is a track by John Holt, who got his start back in the 60's as the lead singer for the Paragons. He's done it all and he's still out their touring. This is one of my son's favorite tracks, he's six and can pretty much sing the whole song. It's one of those tunes, that in many ways, represents the sound and fills it up with a political message as well. John Holt has a voice that's sweeter than most reggae artists, and he's also a fairly powerful songwriter. He also began performing at a young age, when he was 12. There's also a pretty decent bio of him over at All Music as well. You can find his releases through the usual locations, including Trojan.

John Holt - It's a Jam In The Streets REMOVED

Again, both artists can be found over at Trojan Records as well as Amazon.

And on another note, Desmond Dekker is out there touring as well, and looks like he'll be hitting the states. You can find the dates over on Trojan Records' site.

UPDATE: In mentioning John Holt's songwriting abilities, I completely forgot to mention that both of these tracks are penned by him. Whoops!


Blogger tone said...

top tuneage .. cheers

3:56 AM  
Anonymous Dr. joel said...

a great Dennis tune is "Love Has Found Its Way" or something similar. i had a great DB collection but it was stolen. Nonetheless, if you can find the tune by all means, i think you'll enjoy.

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is there any way you can repost "its a jam on the streets"? Im having a hard time finding it anywhere on the net and wud love to hear this song.


7:02 PM  

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