Friday, March 18, 2005

and both of them began to smile

Wall of Voodo was a combination of western deserts and new wave posturing...a mix of dry beauty and the cold electronics of the dance floor. And the result was something strange...a concoction of which you didn't know what to do with...but you liked it regardless.

Wall of Voodoo - Lost Weekend REMOVED
Wall of Voodoo - Ring of Fire (from

Stan Ridgway is still out there, making music, good music. In fact his site has some musical links:

Wall of Voodo vs. NIN - Mexican Radio/Head Like a Hole mashup - Head Like A Radio

Stan Ridgway - Train of Thought (live at Great American Music Hall)

Be sure and check out, there's some great stuff over there. Including Stan's notes from the "Call of the West" recording sessions, and a link to a great interview from 1983. There's also some great images, like the one above.

You can purchase a load of Wall of Voodo products over at Amazon, including the CD from which the above track came from, Call of the West. Stan Ridgway is also well represented at Amazon. Surprisingly, neither have anything at iTunes.


Blogger Steve said...

I am sitting on my couch with my laptop watching Thomas The Tank Engine and catching up with downlading music into my favorite folder in My Music - Darren Orr music ;-)

Thanks buddy for all the great stuff. - Steve

8:32 PM  

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