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Tuxedomoon @ Cafe duNord 3-19-05

Tuxedomoon's been years in the making for me...and it was a treat, even if some events conspired to try to make it not...mainly that the band didn't go on until 12:00, which is a little late for my blood and a lot late for my wife's, who ended up asleep at a table in the back. Normally, I wouldn't be too worried about it, but since I dragged her to the show I felt responsible and anxious as a result, wanting to leave early. But I had heard from a reliable source that Winston Tong was going to show up and play and felt like I had to stay for that.

And he did, show up that is. As for singing, well, he seemed very nervous and out-of-sorts. Standing next to the mixing board has it's rewards, as I could tell that the set list changed, from having a song (The Cage) in which Winston actually sings to playing one in which he accompanies Blaine and Steven on vocals.

It was still a real treat to see him with the rest of the group, and Steven seemed very happy to have him up there, putting his arm around him a few times. I saw Winston perform about 8 years ago here in San Francisco, where he lives. It was an interesting performance, mostly spoken word, and I was fortunate enough to meet Winston and spend a few minutes with him. He was very lively and animated then, and not at all like he seemed on stage at duNord, where he was very nervous.

Their performance was pretty strong, their new album isn't as challenging and unique as some of their earlier work, but there are some great songs on it. They played a lot of their older material as well, but re-worked it with great results. The crowd was pretty interesting. There was an older couple probably in their 80's hanging out in the back and some little kids running around as well.

Some friends of a friend have a late night radio show and they recently did a spotlight on Tuxedomoon with some rare tracks, you can check out their blog here, at no other radio network. And here's a direct link to the radio show. It also features the Legendary Pink Dots and Louis the 14th.

No Other Radio Network - March 16th, 2005

Here's a link to Winston Tong's site, there are a few tunes available there, including one of my favorite tracks he's recorded, (also one of my favorite Barrett songs):

Winston Tong - Late Night (Syd Barrett cover)

And here's a link to Tuxedomoon's official page,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a shame that you chose to add to the negative hype regarding Winston Tongs's "alleged" and "rumored" involvement with drugs. No one ever thinks to ask him, it seems.

I believe that back when Winston was a regular part of the Tuxedomoon line-up (late 1970s-early 1980s) drugs were most likely a regular part of most, if not all, of the band members daily routines. Anyone remotely involved in that scene back then probably feels lucky to have survived it.

That was a long time ago and so are any problems with drugs that
Winston may or may not have had.

There is so little press about him, that this kind of gossip is kind of damaging really. Why not you check with the source? Winston would probably be more than happy to grant you an interview for your blog. (There is contact info at his website.)

Sorry for being critical, but I'm just growing weary of hearing the same garbage being repeated from people who don't know what they're talking about & don't bother validate the information.

6:13 AM  
Blogger guanoboy said...

I would love to respond to you personally, but you didn't leave any contact info. Please email me directly.

I chose to take, what I thought, was a middle ground on the subject. Apparently, you thought not. I'd rather not discuss it further here, and I'd be glad to change the entry if you have better information.

guanoboy at gmail dot com

I have contacted other band members with limited success, but hadn't thought of contacting him, like you suggested. It's a great idea, one I didn't think of - I'm negligent for that.

Don't be sorry of being critical, I wouldn't learn if people weren't critical. The band in general is hard to get info on, especially in regards to their personal life.

Thanks for your input.

7:13 PM  
Blogger guanoboy said...

Thought about your comment a bit more and removed the line in question.

You're right. I shouldn't be posting rumors that may be perceived in a negative light, especially when it's someone I admire so much. My original goal was to show support if the rumors were true, not to spread them. But in mentioning them, I suppose I'm seeding them, aren't I?

Thanks again for bringing it up. I'll be more aware in the future.

8:26 PM  

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