Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Clearance Sale!

This is gonna be a real quick post tonight, running short on time.

Few of you youngsters know this, but back in 1988 Underworld was not the band you know. They were an 80's synth band, like so many others. They also happened to be very "marketable." I mean, just look at how cool they were.

Here's a track from their debut album, Underneath the Radar. This is from the promo single for "Show Me Some Emotion," and although it's listed as a remix, it's not that different, just a bit longer than the single version, which are both shorter than the album version.

Underworld - Show Me Some Emotion (remix) REMOVED

You can buy the album over at Amazon used or as an import (here in the USA).

Another collection I dug up is Rubaiyat, Elektra's 40th Anniversary release. I originally bought it for the Cure, Pixies and Beautiful South tracks on it, but the track that stuck out to me the most was a real surprise.

Faster Pussycat - You're So Vain REMOVED

Something about these guys seeing this song is just perfect. It's cheesy, but I like cheese. Here's a link to their site (yup, they're still together and touring it seems). Rubaiyat is also available used over at Amazon, as well as Faster Pussycat's releases.


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