Friday, January 26, 2007

Come Sail Away With Me

Ah yes...I love YACHT...It's true...I have a crush on his music...and it bleeds over into his work with the Blow...and well, they're releasing an extended version of Poor!

Here's the track list:


Track List

1. Hey Boy
2. The Sky Opened Wide Like the Tide
3. Knowing the Things that I Know
4. Let's Play Boys Chase Girls
5. The Love That I Crave
6. Hock It
7. "Come On Petunia"

Bonus Tracks:

8. Begin Remix
9. Hock It (YACHT Remix featuring Claire L. Evans)
10. The Love That I Crave (Strategy's Strata Club Remix)
11. The Sky Opened Wide Like the Tide (Lucky Dragons New Age Powermix)
12. Hey Hey Hey Boy (K Maricich Remix)
13. Hey Boy (DJ Alan Fortarte Remix)
14. We Are Over Here (Lucky Dragons Remix)

How sweet is that? and the Lucky Dragons remixed two tracks as well.

Here's a tidbit to hold us over:

The Blow - Hock It (YACHT remix)

What's that? You want more? How about The Blow touring with Of Montreal? Yes, it's true, but only certain dates, and only on the West Coast:

Sun Jan. 28 Los Angeles, CA Troubadour
Tue Jan. 30 San Diego, CA SOMA
Fri Feb. 2 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall
Fri Feb. 9 Seattle, WA Showbox
Sat Feb. 10 Eugene, OR WOW Hall


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