Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Time is so precious...and the blog is suffering...

But I just got this e-mail in my inbox and well...I must tell share...Remember Oswald hmmm...

Holy smoke. She's wear an Adickdid shirt. Awesome!

Well. Dian Rios, ex-member has her own blog going and it's a pleasure to read. Even more exciting, there's been a new Oswald 5-0 release...capturing and collecting all the hits and unreleased tracks. It's called Nothing to Prove and you can capture and save it over at CDBaby. Please do. I'll try to get one myself and let you know how it is.

Something I learned from her blog...there's a guy named Matt Paden making a movie on the music scene in Eugene, Oregon circa 1983-90. Wow. Should be interesting.

Gotta run.

Work to do. Like you care.


Blogger Diane said...

Hi! Thanks for posting my blog and the ultra rad photo...I'm sending you that cd tomorrow, look for it in the mail! Cheers! Diane

11:48 AM  

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