Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Can there ever really be?

So many bands disapear...never to be heard from again. It's sad, really. One of the forgotten ones is Too Much Girl. I saw them play live once and bought this 45 (a split single with Yogurt) at their show. The thing I remember most about the show was that it was more of a performance than anything else...a political statement. That and the drummer had drumsticks that were around five feet long. I kid you not. AWESOME!

Too Much Girl - 5'9" REMOVED
Too Much Girl - Can't Get Dressed REMOVED

This next song, although not as strong as a recorded piece, was pretty amazing live. Especially when you're not expecting it.

Too Much Girl - 1 out of 3 REMOVED

The 45 was made with much love...a hand silkscreened cover and paper dolls of the band members...ahh...the days of diy rock. I beleive this was released in 1992, but don't quote me on that. Anyone know what happened to them?


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