Friday, May 12, 2006

The Perfect Fruit vs NOBODY!

Think about it...bananas are the perfect fruit. Wrapped in their own protective cover, easy to peel, very little mess and well, you can eat them plain or on your cereal or with peanut butter or...or...

And since it's Friday:

The Bananas - Casual Friday REMOVED

These guys are much stronger when they rock...

The Bananas - Nautical REMOVED

Give it a few minutes, it only gets better.

These Bananas come from Sacramento...and there are two more songs over at their myspace home.

And here's a few tracks from No People, LO-FI-PUNKY GOODNESS ALERT!!!

No People - Papercut Girl REMOVED
No People - That Spooky One REMOVED

And there's another track over at their myspace home.


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