Thursday, May 11, 2006

Would you read me a bedtime story?

Back in my high school daze, my math teacher would give us these multiple choice tests...he'd lay out an equation and we'd have to pick whether the answer was a) sometimes, b)always or c)never equal to or less than or greater than some value.

Anyway...what do you care, right?

Greater Than One - Why Do Men Have Nipples REMOVED

Remember this band? No? Seems like most people don't. The only mention I can find is a brief entry at Trouser Press and their inclusion on some Wax Trax compilations. Anybody have any other info?

Greater Than One - Alpha 5 REMOVED

How 'bout those samples? Can you name 'em? You should be able to.

Both of these tracks come from their 1989 release, G-Force.



Blogger marshallpolk said...

I remember, finally the whole remastered catalog is now on iTunes including the best track:why do men have nipples on G-force. Enjoy

4:22 PM  

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